Tuesday, January 20, 2009

New Eats

by Meghann on January 20, 2009

For the second day in a row I survived the afternoon with no snack.

I started to realize I was eating my afternoon snack out of habit instead of hunger. Yesterday, I had an off site meeting and forgot about my snack , then today I was so busy at work that before I knew it it was after 3:00 and I felt as if I was still satisfied from lunch.

I’m not saying I’m giving up my snack, I am just going to listen to my body more and when I’m hungry then I’ll eat a snack, but if I’m eating something just because its there then I am going to try and stop myself from indulging.

The one downside with no snack is the fact that I’m ready for dinner so much sooner. I was at the table eating before 6:00 tonight! At least I enjoyed every bite. 🙂

I had a wonderful three part dinner, which included two new eats.


New Eat #1: the Autumn Harvest Orzo I bought at the Farmers Market on Sunday.


I’ll admit the orzo did not have as strong of flavors as I was hoping. It was still there, just very faint. Next time I cook it, I will be sure to add some pumpkin spice to the water I cook it in.


New Eat #2: This wonderful Sauteed Greens & Apple recipe I found in the blog world. Only difference was I used Kale instead of Collards. It was DELISH! Such a great combination. I have really been digging apples lately if you couldn’t tell.


And lastly, I grilled a small Chicken Breast on the George Foreman with Curry Powder.


Dessert was my new Carmel Praline Crunch FroYo with fresh Strawberries.


In my head strawberries always makes a dessert appear healthier. 🙂

Is anyone else watching Biggest Loser? I can’t believe she just consumer 2700 calories on that one plate! My stomach actually feels sick thinking about all she ate – two slices of pizza, 2 cupcakes, 5 chicken nuggets and a taco. Yuck!

Do you think you would fall for the temptations on Biggest Loser?

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