Friday, January 16, 2009

Lazy Friday Night

by Meghann on January 16, 2009

For some reason I am always the least inspired to make dinner on Friday nights. Maybe its the fact that I am ready to relax for the weekend, or that old plea in the back of my head that Friday should be a date night, but the inspiration it just never there.

Tonight instead of getting out the cooking pans and making a big effort for dinner, I just dove into my freezer for a quick, pre-made meal. With the cold weather still looming I went with the most practical option, Oatmeal Chili. I didn’t realize until I was looking for the link that I made this way back in October… oh well it was still good. 🙂


I topped the Chili with some Part Skim Mozzarella Cheese


…and had some Harvest Whole Wheat Crackers on the side for dipping.


My freezer supply of soup is actually getting pretty low, I think I’m inspired to make some more next week, especially if this cold front keeps up.

My snack this afternoon was a combination I am quite proud of.

I started off with a Kashi Apple Cereal Bar…


But when I was digging in the drawer for my snack I noticed my left over Cashew Butter from my morning snack and decided it would be a brilliant idea to dip the cereal bar into the cashew butter.


I was right! it was brilliant and oh so tastey! I’m now convinced you can dip anything in nut butter and have it be great. 🙂

After dinner tonight I headed over to Caitlin’s to catch up over the past two weeks.

She brought back a beautiful little jacket for Abbie from China Town that Abbie went nuts over. Unfortunately I never got to get a picture of it. But I know that Abbie loves her present very much.

For some reason, their apartment was overflowing with chocolate so I happily aided them in relieving the problem. No arm twisting needed.


It was another long week and I’m ready to crash. I plan on getting a great run in early tomorrow morning.

Good Night!

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