Thursday, January 8, 2009

Smothered Chicken

by Meghann on January 8, 2009

Good Evening Blogland!

I’m so excited that today is almost over and that means tomorrow is FRIDAY! YAY!! Even if I do have a Market Analysis report due at work tomorrow and have two meetings scheduled back to back, I am so ready to be free for the weekend! 🙂

This afternoon I had a great snack of an Apple and Cashew Butter


And yes that is an apple cutter I brought to work with me. Nothing is better then fresh apple slices.

Dinner tonight was inspired by a post on Kath’s blog from a while back for Pistachio & Goat Cheese Smothered Chicken. The recipe was really easy and came out great. The only difference is I didn’t have pistachios so I used crushed pecans and brazil nuts instead.


With the awesome chicken I had steamed Green Beans and Okra.

I broke into Caitlin’s Wedding Favor of M&Ms for dessert.


Aww… these make me miss Caitlin! But its good to know she having a FABULOUS time on her Honeymoon. Has everyone been keeping up with her honeymoon posts ? If not you should go check them out, she has some great pictures of the gorgeous Napa countryside.

I really loved the response to my post this afternoon. I love how inspired everyone is and thanks for all the e-mails… keep them coming! I look forward to keeping up with everyones progress through the next couple of months.

Its time for me to go crash. I took some sudafed thats making me very sleepy. Here’s hoping I wake up with a clear head and a dry nose. Good night!

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