Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Blogging 101: Pictures

by Meghann on December 30, 2008

Let me start off by saying I know I am not in any shape way or form an expert on pictures. I lack the lighting and resources to truly capture anything phenomenal. With that being said this is just a tutorial of what I have seen other bloggers capture and what keeps bringing me back. Because lets face it, beside reading what others have to say, we’re all really in it to see the wonderful pictures everyone takes out there.

For a great tutorial of how to take awesome food pictures I refer to you to ZestyCook’s genius lessons. I have bullet marked below what photo elements I find most important in blogging.

Multiple anglesIf at first you don’t succeed, try and try again. 🙂 I believe Tina had a great post a while back when she referred to how many times she photographs a single item to get the perfect picture. Well, let me tell you I’m the same way. I take several photos of my food before uploading them onto my computer and selecting which ones are going to make the cut for the blog. It is a practiced art of patience before eating, but it works to get so many options.

I look at Kath for inspiration on how I take photos for the blog. She takes pictures of individual elements as she explains what each one is and then has a group shot at the end. I enjoy how thoroughly she presents the food, so I prefer to do the same thing. I also like to play up the angles of the food, there are only so many ways you can shoot a plate of food before it all starts to look the same. Besides having a dead on shot of your plate, try shooting from the side or angles on top to give the food some depth. Then post your favorite multiple angles.

Lighting – First of all turn that flash off and step away from the camera.

I like to think of the flash as an ‘in case of emergencies’ tool. Granted, my photos turn out yellow because of the awful lighting in my apartment, but at least my food still has depth which the flash tends to take away. With that being said I shall remind you I have a cheap Casio Exilim 8.1 Mega Pixel camera that wouldn’t know good flash lighting if it tried. There are more expensive cameras out there that take wonderful pictures, flash included. Take my cousin, Andrea, for instance has a great camera, I am so jealous of her pictures!

Basically I work with what I have. I hold the camera very still as I try to take indoor pictures and go through a couple of takes before I find one that is presentable. I use a lamp to help light indoor, but until I can afford something stronger I make do. I just always find pictures with improper flash use to be disappointing. :/

Cooking Stages – Again do as I say, not as I do. This is a practice I would love to adapt into my blog, but always forget until I am already done with the meal. It’s an annoying practice but I always love the photographed cooking tutorials on other blogs.

For instance when Melissa was creating her Christmas goodies, she did a great job on photographing the step by step process so I understood how she got to the end process, which is great for baking beginners like my self.

Relevance – Readers LOVE pictures! They love pictures of the food, but they also love pictures of lifestyle elements as well. Even if you are trying to keep your blog relevant to your subject matter as possible, its ok to branch out and add some personal touches. My favorite blog posts always include pictures of fellow blogger’s pets, families, tradition and of course them!

Again pictures are unique for every blog, these are just what I have seen that work’s best on other blogs. 🙂

I hope you enjoyed this installment of Blogging 101, please tune in next week for the final article. In the mean time please feel free to review the other entries and I would love your feedback on photos. 🙂

This is Part III of a four part series.

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