Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Too Many Sweets

by Meghann on December 23, 2008

Ughh.. I haven’t even been home for a whole day and I already feel sick from all the sweets. Its a lesson I need to remember for the future.

It all started with my left over muffins I had at lunch. I then stopped at Caitlin’s and indulged in a Super Sexy Gingerbread man.


She gave me some extra cookies to bring home with me. They were so good that I couldn’t resist splitting another one with my Mom.


It was still so good, but I think that was when my belly reached its limit of sweets. I started to feel a little nauseated and had to sit down. Its odd how sensitive my stomach has gotten to sweets in the past year, 2 muffins and 2 cookies did me in. At least the nauseated feeling will still be fresh in my mind when I’m faced with plenty of yummy irresistible treats tomorrow.

After my belly ache started I sat down and read my book. I started to feel better and was craving some actual food, so when my Mom brought some of her hot out of the oven mini quiches I grabbed one from the plate. My camera was in the other room and I was too lazy to get up and grab it.

My Dad made Corn Beef for dinner with Steamed Brussel Sprouts and I had 1/2 of a Baked Sweet Potato on the side.


Corn beef is usually a very fatty, grease meat that is no where close to healthy, but remarkably this piece seemed pretty lean. It was very good and I gobbled the whole plate right up.

After dinner my tummy ache came back which now has me thinking maybe it wasn’t just the sweets. Its cramping pretty bad right now, so much so that I have to lean over when I stand. I’m starting to think that its just very bad cramps, but its still not a fun thing to have. I hope it all subsides before my run tomorrow. 🙁

I’m going to take some advil and hope for the best.

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