Wednesday, December 17, 2008


by Meghann on December 17, 2008

Boy has it been a stressful afternoon!

I got the call around 2:00 that my fridge was being delivered to I ran home to quickly empty the contents of my freezer so they could take the old one.


When they brought the new fridge off of the truck I was in shock. It was a thing of beauty! Side by side doors, an ice and water dispenser, the works! They brought it upstairs, took it off of the dolly, then attempted to slide it into its designated space. That’s where it stopped. The fridge was too big! 🙁 So in a matter of seconds my new fridge disappeared and I was left with a hole in my kitchen.


I had to think quickly and rushed all of the contents of my freezer to my work where I shoved it all in to the tiny space. My landlord was really sweet and acted quickly to make sure I got a new one that fit. He even went so far as to suggest cutting the countertops to make the other one fit. After considering that idea for a few seconds, I decided against it and went back home and began the long wait for another fridge delivery.

While I was waiting I did manage to finish my third Twilight book. I also decided waiting would feel a lot better if I enjoyed a beer as my mid afternoon snack. :)


FInally around 6:00 my much smaller new fridge arrived. It was not as pretty as the one that has just been brought up the stairs a few hours earlier, but it would do.


Now I just ned to get all my food back tomorrow. I miss my food.

Dinner was an odd combination of food. I had left some frozen lasagna to be heated up. I had gone to Publix to purchase a small premade salad, but instead decided I wanted the Avocado Lettuce Rolls instead.


The Acorn Squash Lasagna heated up nicely. The flavors were a little blander then I remembered.


Melissa’s cookies made for the perfect dessert tonight. I had a Ginger Strip, Strawberry Whipper Snapper & Lemon Whipper Snapper. I also had a Peanut Butter Strip while I was trying to decide which cookies to eat…hehe…


I LOVED the GInger Strip. It was perfect. I’m always afraid of things having too much ginger as it appears my tastebuds are very sensitive to that flavor, but this cookie had just the right amount!

I feel like I have been filled with so much drama lately. WIth Abbie getting sick, my lap top dieing and then the fridge breaking, is someone trying to tell me something? I’m going to try to keep up with positive thoughts and hopefully get through a week drama free. I’m promised my life isn’t always this hectic!

Thank you for al of your support through each of my emergencies! But all of these factors are apart of my life and can really happen to any young professional. You’ve seen how I handle it so hopefully we can all relate. Thanks again for everything!

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