Saturday, November 29, 2008

Christmas Decorating and Football Extravaganza

by Meghann on November 29, 2008

Today has been packed with fun filled family adventures.

First we started with decorating the house for Christmas. We started today with the inside and tomorrow it time to do the outside (yes, its a two day process!)


The majority of our attic is filled with Christmas decorations. This is just a portion of what we had to work with it.

I fueled up with some left over Fruit Salad mid morning.


I have a pretty large house so my Mom likes to put up two Christmas Trees! She’s even debating getting a third one to decorate.  The first tree is the fake tree that is in the family Foyer.


This is the traditional unfancy tree. It’s the one that houses all the home made ornaments from Christmas’s past.

The Tree in the piano room is the main Tree where all our presents will eventually end up. This is the better tree simply because its our real tree that we traveled all the way to the tree farm to obtain.


Unfortunately in Florida we can’t just go and chop down a tree so we buy ours from a vendor sponsored by the Boy Scouts.

CIMG3954 CIMG3958

My Mom has a vast collection of Precious Moments and has an ornament for each year her and my Dad have been married. My favorite tradition is lining them all up by the year and adding the newest one to the end.


There are also our baby ornaments. Each kid personally places their own ornament on the tree every year.


Finally, my Mom has her Tree Decorations down to a tee. This is the fancy Christmas tree and has a very evident gold theme to it. With the exception of the Precious Moments every ornament on the tree is gold and all of the presents that will go under the tree will be wrapped in gold wrapping paper. It seems a bit picky for a tree, but we always end up with the most beautifully decorated Christmas Trees. Look at the final results.


Pretty right?

While decorating I got even more in the Holiday spirit when I reheated my plate of Thanksgiving left overs.


They were still just as great as on Thursday. After the leftovers I was craving something sweet and was sad to find that all of the left over desserts were gone. So, instead of leftovers, I had a small handful of some Smores Trail Mix my Sister had in the cabinet.


With the Christmas decorating complete is was time for some FOOTBALL. There were many College Rivalry games on today, but the only one I cared about was the FSU V. UF game. My family is distinctly divided between these two school and it always makes for some interesting jousting. As my parents had kids at both schools they had these half & half shirts made a few years ago.


Its really fun to actually be at the rivalry games with my parents wearing these shirts and hearing all of the comments they get. They try their best to be neutral, but we all know they lean towards UF. Oh well, I still love them.

For the game we had a little get together with some friends and brought out some typical football eats. I got a little into the football spirit and kind of gave into my eating cravings, So just to warn you there are some indulgent overloads ahead.

We started with Veggie, Fruit & Cheese platters.


I nibbled on these throughout the game.

I also enjoyed a Full Moon beer.


My Sister’s friend brought her famous Taco Dip.


I had this small plate, plus a couple of chips more with dip.


My Dad ordered wings from
a local wingery (apparently that’s not a real word ๐Ÿ™‚ ) I am a big fan of wings and when I first started to lose weight they were the first things I eliminated from my diet. However, I was in the football spirit and decided a small meal of wings wasn’t going to kill me. I probably enjoyed a total of 8 wings.


This was not the best game for us FSU fans.. sigh… so I had soothed my sadness with some Peanut Butter Cup Frozen Yogurt.


(I just noticed I had wing sauce on my thumb… ooppsss..)

The game is still in the fourth quarter and I hate to say it, but I don’t think we’re going to be able to turn this one wrong. Damn it. Don’t worry Noles, I still love you!

Looking back at my pictures I realized I’ve been a bit indulgent this weekend; just enough to make me feel a little icky. I have enjoyed my eats immensely, but I am very much looking forward to going back to my normal eating schedule tomorrow. Getting back on the healthy track ASAP is the best way to combat out of habit eating practices. A couple of meal chock full of vegetables should clear me right up.

I guess I need to watch the end of this game. Have a Good Night. 

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