Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Lots of Things to Say

by Meghann on November 19, 2008

I am happy to say my meeting today went fairly well. I was shaky and nervous in the beginning, but once the meeting started going and everyone was asking questions it was great. I felt I was getting my point across and the meeting was serving it purpose. Today was the first in a series of meetings, so now I know what will and will not work in the future. Pretty soon I will be a pro at this whole office job thing. 🙂

Before my meeting I felt I need a little chocolate courage so I broke into the Halloween candy jar and had a snack size Kit Kat bar.


And because I need a more substantial snack, I also had this lovely Pear.


I never had a chance to put together a meal plan this week, so all of my meals have been random creations that come to me at work. Tonight was definitely one of those creations. I was going for simple, yet interesting. I also wanted to experiment with the canned Butternut Squash Puree I had left over from the other night. So I came up with a dish that had layers of different flavors which complimented each other perfectly.


The bottom layer consisted of the Butternut Squash, crushed Pecans, a pinch of Brown Sugar, a dash of Cinnamon, another dash of Pumpkin Spice, and some Fat Free Milk. Once I combined all the ingredients, I put it in the microwave for a minute and covered the bottom of the plate.


I’m more of a fan of savory squash rather then sweetening it, however in this situation I thought the sweet squash would pair perfectly with the salmon. I was pleasantly surprised that I really enjoyed the butternut squash this way. I still prefer the savory version, but I happily enjoyed this version in tonight’s dinner.

The Salmon was an individual filet serving I found at Whole Foods. I kept it simple and coasted the salmon with some brown sugar and baked it in the oven at 415 for 20 minutes.


And for the top I wilted some Spinach with Garlic.

The combination of flavors was lovely and I felt so fancy stacking the three separate parts on my plate. This meal was quick and easy to make and tasted as if I had ordered it from a fancy restaurant.  I loved tonight’s meal and would happily recreate it in the future.

For dessert I heated up a small chopped Apple with some Cinnamon and a little bit of Sugar. I topped the Apple with some Graham Cracker pieces and Fat Free Cool Whip.


Mmmm… it was like a mini apple pie. Boy do I wish Thanksgiving was tomorrow rather then next week. This dessert tempted my pallet and made me realize how much I need Thanksgiving food now!

When I got home from work tonight I had a nice little surprise waiting for me in my mail box.


Don’t ask me what’s in the package because I don’t even know yet! The lovely Melissa sent the present for both Caitlin and I. She never told us what she was sending! Tomorrow I am meeting Caitlin for dinner and we will open the package together, but right now its sort of just staring at me begging me to peak in. I won’t though! I mean i would, but its taped pretty good so I am pretty sure someone would be able to tell if I tried to break the seal. Does anyone have any guesses what it could be? I’m hoping for something from Trader Joes! Fingers crossed!  I promise to let everyone know in 24 hours! 🙂

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