Monday, November 17, 2008

I Bought the Whole Store

by Meghann on November 17, 2008

I did something very bad today… I went to the grocery store STARVING.

I did not mean too, but I went straight from work and the hunger just kind of creeped onto me. I debated opening packages as I was pushing my cart through the aisles, but managed to survive the trip by nibbling on some of my grapes. Of course, I also managed to dump the entire store in my cart. Ooppss… at least I have a well stocked fridge right now 🙂

The whole time I was shopping I was envisioning what I was going to make for dinner.  I get pretty imaginative when I am hungry, so every odd combination works well in my head. I knew I wanted pasta and it kind of just grew from there.

I also knew I wanted my dinner to involve this little baby.


I found this can of Pureed Butternut Squash at Whole Foods a couple of weeks ago and have been meaning to make something with it ever since. I thought it would make a nice addition to my pasta.


I started by boiling up the last of a box of Whole Wheat Rotitoni I had in the pantry. While that was cooking I raided my fridge and for foods that sounded good and required little to no prep work.


Once I removed the pasta from the pan I heated up some leftover Ham Steak, Canned Pears, Frozen Veggie Mix, a few spoonfuls of the Butternut Squash Puree, a couple of spoonfuls of Ricotta Cheese, and some Fat Free Milk to thin the sauce out.


Once that was heated I added the pasta back to the pan. I had Butternut Squash Pasta in less then 15 minutes! I sprinkled some Green Onion on top, since I was craving it at the grocery store for some reason. I was actually surprised that the flavors blended so well together. In case you are wondering Butternut Squash, Pear and Ham really are a perfect match. Like I said when I’m hungry those odd combinations just form and start to sound amazing.

For dessert I had two homemade Peanut Butter Cookies that my Dad had baked fresh yesterday.


I love my Daddy’s cookies! Too bad he puts like a pound of butter in the batch. Oh well, they’re still good 🙂

I think my doomed grocery trip can be linked back to my afternoon snack.


I should have known that little Kashi Cereal Bar was not going to hold me over through a trip surrounded by endless amounts of food.

Now its time for me to curl into bed for the night. I already made sure my window was shut nice and tight as to not have another cold front enter my room. It’s suppose to get in the upper 30s tonight…brrr…. I am going to try to attempt to run in the cold anyway. Wish me luck!

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