Thursday, November 13, 2008

Girls Night Out

by Meghann on November 13, 2008

My meeting this afternoon was a huge success! I played the role of videographer during the meeting and did a great job of keeping everyone in focus, if I do say so myself. 🙂 I, sadly, did not win any excemplatory awards, but my supervisor did! She earned a new Mac Book Pro, which she totally deserved! ( You are AWESOME Shelley!!)

After the company update and awards i was time to party. Well, you know, office party that is. They had a great spread of assorted veggies, meat, cheese & crackers. Along with some wine and beer.

Here is my plate of veggies, meat & cheese, with a small cup or Merlot in to the side.


I also went back for a handful of grapes. I didn’t notice they had these until I was already eating other wise they would have definitely made it on the first place.


I thankfully managed to avoid the cake. After I ate the apps I just went back to my desk to check my e-mail so I avoided the whole presentation of the cake all together. 🙂

After work I met up with Caitlin at a hip and chic salon downtown for their ‘Girls Night Out’ event. It was pretty cool. They had stations set up to get you hair done, make up done, eyelash extensions applied, champagne and food. It was all free and really a great time.

I started off with a glass of plain champagne.


It was nice and bubbly! Yum!

First, Caitlin and I had our hair done. They were giving everyone hairs dos for a night out on the town. Of course Caitlin and I were not going out on the town, but it was still fun to have someone make me pretty. She turned my nasty work hair into something volumous and gorgeous and even tried to teach me how I can recreate it on my own.


I think Champagne should definitely be a staple every time I get my hair. I really could not have had a care in the world how my hair was going to turn out 🙂 Of course Caitlin looks anxious below!


Her hair came out beautiful though!


We then had eyelash extensions applied.


They just put the outside lashes on, but they seriously made out eyes pop!


And of course we had to indulge in the free food!

Caitlin served me this amazing Pumpkin Soup as my eyelashes were being applied. Boy did I feel like I was being pampered!


This soup was great, just a tad sweet.

Caitlin also served me this plate of appetizers and even took the picture for me.


I had the amount pictured above x2.

After getting all dolled up we had to continue our ‘Girls Night Out’ at the wine bar across the street.


We ordered a flight of Spanish Red Wines, that were all great and spicy! We had so much fun catching up, I feel like it had been forever since we have caught up with each other! We did have to cut the evening short as Caitlin had to drive to Palm Coast for a weekend away (Have fun Caitlin!).

It really was a GREAT Thursday night. I had so much fun at the event and will be happy to attend anymore the salon throws. The only thing about tonight was I never had a real dinner, I just sort of snacked and drank my way through the evening (ooppss..). Oh well.. sigh…

Luckily I only have a few hours of work tomorrow and then its the weekend. woo hoo! I was on the phone on my drive home with an old college friend who will also be in Tallahassee this weekend and it really makes me excited for our little reunion. I can not wait to make my way back up there. I hope everyone else has fabulous plans for the weekend! Good night!

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