Friday, November 7, 2008

Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner

by Meghann on November 7, 2008

Dirty Dancing remains one of my all time favorite movies! I am in such a mood to go dancing right now, too bad I have no dancing skills what so ever. I am more of the Baby at the beginning of the movie rather then the end.


The movie in the park was fun. This is actually the third movie I have seen in the park setting and this movie was my favorite. Everyone there was really into the movie. All the girl were hooting and hollering when ever Patrick Swayze made an appearance and when he said his infamous line the crowd erupted in cheers. I need to find me a Patrick Swayze, pronto!

The park was very dark, so I have to apologize in advance for my lack of quality pictures. I could not even see the screen to see what I was taking a picture of so I had to wing it.

A lot of people go all out for these movie picnics.They set up tables, have extra fancy picnic baskets, bring out the battery operated wine coolers, etc.. I am always amazed with the surroundings. I, on the other hand, bring a blanket and my little lunch box and call it a day. Maybe one day I will have the fancy set up.


In my lunch box I packed a Sparkling Water, Salmon Salad (canned salmon w/ yogurt, honey mustard, zucchini & yellow squash), Whole Wheat Pita, Carrots, & an Apple. It was a very good meal with a lot of different things to munch on.


For dessert I had two Chocolate Fudge Organic Cookies.


These things have actually been in my cabinet for a while. They are sooo good, I don’t know why I just let them sit there.

During the movie my friends brought out the wine. 🙂


I had a small glass..err… cup… of their Zinfandel. The wine really does complete the night. 🙂

This afternoon, before I bolted from work, I had a Kashi Apple Spice Cereal bar as my mid afternoon snack.


Tomorrow I am getting up bright and early to meet my sister for a 5 mile run. I was suppose to have a rest day in lieu of my upcoming 10k on Sunday, but when my Sis called me and said she wanted to run I could not resist. After the run I am attending Caitlin’s Bridal Shower and then at night I am catching a movie with a friend. It should be a very busy, but fun day!

Don’t forget entries for the Blogger Secret Ingredient Contest are due Sunday night by 8:00 pm est! So get cracking on those Eggplant dishes! The winner will receive a Whole Foods Gift Card as their fabulous prize. 🙂 You know you want it.

Enjoy your weekend everyone!!

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