October 2008

New Pants

by Meghann on October 31, 2008

Caitlin and I had a great run this afternoon. I know I’ve said it before, but it really having a running friend really makes it easier. We chatted the entire run and before we knew we had burned over 700 calories! There’s nothing better then burning tons calories of calories while gossiping away.  I am also glad I was able to get a nice 7 mile run in before tonight festivities. I feel like I earned the candy and beer for tonight.

While we were running I was mentioning the problem I have with my pants (none of them fit me at the moment!) and the trail head just happened to be in a mall parking lot, so Caitlin and I decided to take a peak at New York & Co after our run. What’s better for a cool down then a nice walk around the mall?!?!

I want to illustrate my point of how much I needed new work pants. The picture below I took tonight with a pair of pants I bought when I landed my first job after college.


If my hand was not holding the pants up they would literally fall off of me. These are a size 8 and I swear they fit me when I bought them.

The one bad thing about losing weight is the fact your clothes do not fit anymore. In the past year I have gone through 3 separate phases with my clothes: first they were too tight, second they fit comfortable, then third they were now to big. I have been slowly replacing pieces, but a whole wardrobe tends to get pricey so I am still wearing some of these bigger clothes. My other problem was not knowing when my weight was going to level off. My dad bought me a pair of pants at the end of July that are now feeling loose.

On our trip to the mall tonight I did happily walk away with two new pair of pants (on sale!). When we first walked in Caitlin handed me a pair of size 2 pants and I told her she was crazy, but lo and behold those were the pants I ended up buying! I can not remember the last time I bought a pair of size 2 pants! I’m happy and healthy and the size 2 is just my little reward for making the changes in my life that I did. 🙂

Before my run this afternoon I had two of my muffins.


I tucked these away in my drawer this morning so I could savor them before my run. I can see why every was enjoying these, they really were delicious. I guess, they just needed the flavors to blend over night?

After my run and mall trip I was STARVING!!!! I had plans to create my BSI dish, but put those on hold and threw together a quick meal that was edible 10 minutes after I started.


I had a Lentil Burger on Dave’s Killer Bread topped with Olives and Salsa. On the side I cut up some Cucumbers that I tossed with some Balsamic Vinegeratte and a handful of Grapes.


The Lentil Burger was really easy. I just mixed leftover cooked lentils with egg white, panko crumbs, spicy mustard, and garlic salt until I was able to form a patty.

I plan on having some treats at the Halloween party tonight, so I will save dessert for then. I am crossing my fingers they have Reeses and Kit Kats for me! Those are my favorite candies so I am planning to treat myself tonight with them.

You will have to wait until tomorrow for some pictures of me all dressed up, but until then here is a sneak peak of my costume in my closet.


I hope everyone had a Safe, Healthy, and Happy Halloween night!!! I will see you tomorrow for a Halloween recap!! 🙂

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Muffin Success

October 31, 2008

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October 31, 2008

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October 30, 2008

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