Monday, September 29, 2008

A Stuffed Afternoon

by Meghann on September 29, 2008

Before I forget again, I wanted to let you know this morning I snacked on 2 Lowfat Pumpkin Oatmeal cookies around 10:30. 🙂


These are some very yummy cookies. I actually had another one when I walked in the door after work. (no pic) The only downfall to baking is that there is a whole plate of these in my kitchen calling me name. Now would be a good time to have roommates to share with. 🙂


Let me start by saying how I don’t understand how people can go out for lunch every day at work. Not only is it pricey (my lunch today ran me over $7.00!) but I was too full and sleepy the rest of my afternoon at work. I may have ate a tad to much for lunch, the portion seemed small at the time but I think when you combine that with my three refills of unsweet tea (the salsa was spicy!) it equals a bloated belly. I could have easily took a nap on my desk.

I love being able to go home for lunch or even bringing a lunch from home and  controlling what I’m eating and portion size. Today definitely reminded me not to eat anything too heavy in the middle of the day, it’s not worth it and its too much $$.

Now that I have said all of that I must warn you I have made lunch plans with my cousin and his wife on Thursday at Mr. Pita. I know big hypocrite but I told them last week I would go. I have already scanned the menu and it doesn’t look too heavy. Has anyone ever ate at a Mr. Pita before? What’s good to get that won’t make me want to nap at work?

Since my lunch kept me full all afternoon, the dinner I had originally planned kept getting smaller and smaller in my head, until this is what I ended up with…..


BBQ Chicken Sloppy Joe & Oven Roasted Okra


The BBQ Chicken Sloppy Joe was quick and easy to make. I simply sauteed some onion, added about 1/4 lb of ground chicken and when that was cooked through I topped with 2 tablespoons of Annies BBQ sauce and 1/2 tablespoon of honey mustard. For the bun I just toasted a whole wheat english muffin. This was a yummy healthier alternative of a sloppy joe. 🙂


For the side I threw some chopped okra in the oven at 400 degrees for 15 minutes. I ate these with my hands, I pretended they were fries 🙂

For dessert I’m going to munch on these gummy bears while watching some Gossip Girl. 🙂


These were actually meant to be eaten during my race on Saturday, but halfway through the race I realized my stomach was not agreeing with me and these wouldn’t help, so I passed.

Abbie just dropped a toy on my lap, I think she’s trying to give me a hint. I mustn’t ignore her. Good night everyone!

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