Thursday, September 25, 2008

Warning Indulgence Overload Ahead!

by Meghann on September 25, 2008


Caitlin, Me, Helen, & Jenna at Roy’s!


Tonight was yet another successful blogging dinner! Another great restaurant with great girls, great food and (of course) great wine! Tonight, however, ended on a sad note due to Jenna’s departure to her amazing externship in Vero. We will miss her dearly, yet we had a kick ass time sending her off. And of course there will be plenty of road trips in our near future!

Tonight’s dinner brought us to the famous Roys where Jenna spent many of nights the past year playing hostess. I had actually never been to Roy’s before and was very excited to try it. It was unbelievable how much of an impact Jenna left at Roy’s! Everyone loved her there and made sure to treat us all right! We were provided with complimentary appetizers and dessert, YUM! The night was unbelievable and I am so lucky to have made such great friends with these girls.

When I first arrived at the bar Jenna talked me into one of Roy’s famous cocktails


I chose the Pomegranate Patrón Mojito; tangy pomegranate purée freshly shaken
with Patrón Silver Tequila and mint.
  I am a a lover of tequila and this did not disappoint. My only problem was it went down a little too fast.

While waiting at the bar for our table, a little tray of appetizers magically appeared! I tried a seafood ravioli and split a beef & blue cheese tortellini with Jenna.


When we were brought to our table there was a little surprise waiting. The team had gone out of their way to decorate for Jenna’s send off. Look how cute the ribbon is.





They also had a special insert in our menus wishing Jenna good luck.


We had an AMAZING waiter who brought us amazing appetizers on the house.




Crispy “Kung Pao” Calamari Spicy Hoisin Glaze & Roasted Peanuts


Crunchy Golden Lobster Potstickers Spicy Togarashi Miso Butter Sauce


Island Style Ahi Poke Baby Greens, Sticky Rice, Truffled Soy, Inamona Jus

All of these appetizers were amazing! Here’s my plate, plus I nibbled on a few edaname and a little more calamari 🙂


Along with our appetizers Jenna used her newfound wine skills and ordered us a wonderful bottle of Pinot Noir. I forget which exact wine this was, but it was good 🙂


For my main meal I took Jenna’s recommendation and ordered the Prosciutto Wrapped Long Line Ono


I was getting pretty full on the free appetizers and alcohol so I knew there was no way I would finish this, but OMG it was good! I’ve never had Ono before and found myself pretty impressed. The fish is a cross between a tuna and a swordfish and served medium rare. As much as I wanted to, I knew I couldn’t finish my whole plate so I gave a couple of bites to Caitlin and gave the rest to Jenna for her lunch tomorrow. I knew that dessert was going to be good so I held off where I could.


Can I start off by saying dessert is my absolute favorite part of the meal!! We had a trio of yummy creations.. from left to right..Upsidedown Pineapple Cake, Peanut Butter Pie, & Molten Chocolate Souffle. We finished these off pretty quickly, I had a sample of each and fell immediately in love with all of them. 🙂


I mean look at that chocolate just explode out of there?!?!?!

Of course I left the restaurant completely stuffed but I had such a great time that it was totally worth it. My first Roy’s experience was definitely over the top and I can’t wait to go back again,


Now all I have is FRIDAY to look forward to and then its the weekend!! I can’t wait!! I have another awesome weekend ahead and this was the perfect way to start it off!!

I want to wish Jenna GOOD LUCK in her new externship!!! She is going to ROCK!!!!!!

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