Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Where's my Tassel?

by Meghann on September 23, 2008

Did everyone notice the new layout? What do you think so far? I have this whole vision for a new look for my blog and this is just the beginning. I also have plans to create a brand new customized header, I figured I would put some of those photoshop skills to work that my boss swears I poccess. Unfortunately, my plans for the new cool look fell short when a key component for this awesome header I envisioned went missing. I can’t find my tassel from my college graduation anywhere!

At FSU you rent everything for graduation so the only part you end up keeping is the tassel. I have no cap or gown to go by, all I had was the tassel. The sad part is I’m not even sure where the tassel could possible be. I have moved twice since graduating and the most recent was just under a month ago. I don’t remember ever seeing it, or can picture where it was in my former apartments. How sad is that? I guess I just assumed I had it somewhere but never actually looked for it.

Oh well, if I didn’t realize I was missing the tassel before, then I really didn’t need it. It was just a keepsake, I mean I have the most important thing (The Diploma!) right?? That I have proudly mounted above my desk, no losing that.

In other news….

My hunger leftover from lunch gnawed at my stomach the rest of the afternoon. I did try to distract it with a couple of mints and a cup of hot tea, but it was a never ending hole. After work,  I crashed through the door and went immediately to the fridge for a handful of grapes (no pic). This actually helped and held me over as I got the mail and let Abbie out.

For dinner i wanted something quick, easy and fast. On Sunday I put some freezer leftovers in the fridge in hopes this would make me eat up some of the leftovers during the week. This was a fabulous idea!


I heated up some leftover pasta from a couple of weeks ago. I made this before the blog so I’m not exactly sure how I did it or what was in it, but I do remember it was whole wheat spiral noodles, carrots, zucchini, squash, onions, tomato sauce, goat cheese & mozzarella.


This was actually my first attempt on heating up frozen left overs and it did not disappoint.


The only problem was the sauce became a little soupy in the defrosting process.


On the side I was crazing some strawberry jam so I smeared some on some whole wheat toast. I know strawberry jam toast seems like an odd combination with pasta but it worked for me. 🙂

All day I had told myself since my lunch was low in satisfaction, then I could have a generous dessert.


I bought this peanut butter rice krispi treat at Whole Foods on Sunday. Trust me, I had every intention of eating this entire block especially when I was dreaming about it this afternoon. Unfortunately my eyes are slightly larger then my stomach and I could only finish half. which is fine by me, it will just give me something sweet to finish off tomorrow. 🙂

I was very happy and satisfied with this dinner after such a poor lunch! I’m sorry for being such a downer today, I promise to be back in my bubbly food obsessed self tomorrow!

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