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Shopping Adventures

by Meghann on September 20, 2008

Why is it yesterday I was staring at the clock slowly tick to end of the day and today I can barely believe the day has come to an end? It’s amazing how our sense of time changes so much between bored, anticipation and having a great time. I can tell you this day flew by and I am very sad that that means the weekend is halfway over. Atleast I still have all say Sunday. J

Before Caitlin and I started our shopping adventures for the day I snacked on two of Gina’s wonderful macaroons she gave us in our goodie bags last night.


I had a blondie macaroon and a chocolate one. I was forewarned in advance that the chocolate one was very chocolately and let me tell you it was extremely chocolately. The chocolate was good, but I think my sweet tooth enjoyed the blondie the most. J Thank you, Gina, for the wonderful macaroons. I can’t wait to finish off the goodies bag.

Caitlin and I set out today to find some new running gear for our upcoming races. We hit up the Premium Outlets, which are right next door to Disney World. I would definitely consider the outlets a top tourist destination. We spotted plenty of Europeans taking advantage of the great exchange rate they are experiencing right now against out weak dollar!

I manage to find something cute to wear for my first 15k next weekend. I always think a new race calls for a new outfit. J You will just have to wait to see for next week’s blog for what I ended up with.

When hunger strikes while shopping what better place to cure it then with more shopping at Whole Foods??

We took full advantage of the many offerings of the hot and cold prepare food bar at the new huge Whole Foods.


I can’t even begin to remember what all of the little samplings where that I got. I pretty much ran around grabbing a little spoonful of what ever looked interesting. I actually wiped this box clean with my Naan at the end. It was a very good lunch.


As you can see, Caitlin and I enjoyed our lunches immensely.

With lunch I had a Rose Green Tea. If you haven’t tried this brand of tea yet, then I would highly suggest. They have great flavors and no sugars added. My personal fave are the Rose Green and Mint Green.

After lunch we spent another hour just walking around Whole Foods analyzing all they had and comparing what we have and haven’t tried. It’s so nice to go to a nice grocery store with someone and not feel the need to be rushed out. I picked up some new findings that I can’t wait to try throughout the week. I can always manage to find seomthign fun and new to try at Whole Foods.

And of course you can’t go to Whole Foods with out picking up some gelato.


I had the Peanut Butter gelato that was amazing. The guy who was serving it was actually really sweet and let Caitlin and I split the size small 2 scoop serving between the two of us. Each of got one scoop, the perfect size to enjoy as a afternoon sweet fix.

My Mom returned from her Medical Mission in the Dominican Republic tonight. I will try to post some pictures she took on my posting tomorrow. It really is amazing to see how different their world is there. They go down for a week and manage to medically treat hundreds of people while they are there.

After we picked my mom up from the airport we headed to Joe’s Crab Shack for dinner. This was definitely a hard menu to find anything healthy on. I felt like I had been missing on my veggies so all I really wanted was a salad.

I finally decided on their Cobb Salad. I asked for no bacon and had the strawberry vinaigrette on the side. It was ok for what it was.

I’m staying the night at my parent’s tonight and have Another great run planned in the morning. I am exhausted right now and can’t wait to get some sleep. Have a good night!


1 magpie707 September 21, 2008 at 1:23 am

I actually love Joe’s Crab Shack but only for the meal where you get a pound of crab meat – and I don’t dip it in the butter. I’ve never tried their salads.

The macaroons look yummy 🙂

2 Megan September 21, 2008 at 7:15 am

What a fun filled day!

I agree that any running event deserves a new outfit!

3 VeggieGirl September 21, 2008 at 8:27 am

A blondie macaroon AND a chocolate macaroon?!?!?! Mmm, heavenly!!!

So glad that you and Caitlin had a lovely Saturday together; and of COURSE I’m psyched that you guys went to Whole Foods (my second home, haha 🙂 ).

I’m looking forward to reading about your mom’s Medical Mission in the Dominican Republic – sounds fascinating!

4 jenngirl September 21, 2008 at 10:49 am

What a fun day! I would love to hit up the Whole Foods salad bar, everyone seems to come away with the yummiest things!

Have a great Sunday! 🙂

5 Bridget September 21, 2008 at 5:21 pm

I’m so jealous you have gelato in your WF’s!! I think theres one around here that does, but not one I go to. Although, maybe its better that way haha…I have no will power for frozen dairy items 🙂

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