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This morning was a swimming morning

by Meghann on September 17, 2008

Once a week I like to switch my routine up with a little cross training. I like to give my arms a nice work out, and since we all know how bad I am at making myself strength train, I usually do a few laps in the pool.


I am in no way a fantastic swimmer. I am very slow and struggle to do any stroke besides free style, but I really do feel like I get a great work out in the pool and it’s the best way to wake yourself up in the morning. Back in college I took swimming for a PE credit freshmen year. That’s where I learned to do the breast and butterfly stroke, which before the class I had no idea what any of the strokes were even called. That class is also the reason I even own swimming equipment to begin with i.e. a one piece swim suit and goggles.


For my work out I do easy laps and break up my sets of laps by doing ‘water jogs’. I’m not sure what they’re really called, but to keep myself entertained I usually jog around the pool in the water for a couple of laps. It gives me a nice break between sets.


Today’s Swimming Work Out:


Time: 45 mins (Watch out Michael Phelps!)


Ø      10 Free-style Laps

Ø      2 Water Jog Laps

Ø      10 Breast Stroke Laps

Ø      2 Water Jog Laps

Ø      8 Medley Laps (combo of free-style, breast, back and butterfly strokes)

Ø      2 Water Jog Laps

Ø      5 Free-style Laps


A couple of weeks ago I saw a question on Hungry Girl involving Alternative Bagels. I didn’t really think much of it, until I saw them in Publix over the weekend and decided to give them a try. The stats on the nutrition profile didn’t look too bad and 110 calories for a bagel is always nice.



They had a few varieties, but I decided to keep it plain and simple with Sweet Wheat.



I topped my toasted bagel with almond butter and apple slices. On the side, I had the extra apple slices and a handful of grapes. The bagel was pretty good. It toasted nicely and went perfectly with the almond butter and apples. I can’t wait to have this yummy breakfast again.


Everyone should be pleased to know all 1500 envelopes were sealed, stamped and dropped in the mail box yesterday afternoon. Yippee! Now I get to do some real work around here. ( I hear rumors that there’s left over tequila and Coronas floating around here as well. J )


1 Megan September 17, 2008 at 9:06 am

Great workout! Your bagel breakfast looks so tasty! Apples and almond butter are always good together!

2 caitlin (seebriderun) September 17, 2008 at 9:47 am

i AM MUY impressed by your swim. i suck at swimming. i never tried to mix up my strokes, maybe that was my mistake?

i am very excited for potluck tonight! the lasanga is going to be good (i hope) and jenna’s cupcakes looked awesome! i’m sure you’re salad with be full of veggies (yayyy!). can you bring a dressing? i don’t do dressing, so we don’t have any! 😀

3 graduatemeghann September 17, 2008 at 10:26 am

Caitlin – I’m excited too! I actually tried my hands at making a homemade dressing last night, so we’ll see how that turns out. 🙂

4 Biz September 17, 2008 at 10:29 am

That sounds like a great workout to me! I suck at swimming. I did a triathlon a few years ago, and my husband was worried about the swim portion. He kept saying “you can’t put your foot down in a lake” since I had only trained in a pool.

I was doing fine until I was doing the backstroke to rest, and some woman barreled into me. I went under water, started to freak out when a lifeguard in the water handed me a noodle. I calmed down after 5 minutes and went to hand it back and he said “you can keep it!” I was almost to the end anyway so I kept it.

The look of relief when I got out of the water with the noodle was priceless!

5 runjess September 17, 2008 at 3:23 pm

You are undoubtedly a better swimmer than I.

That’s awesome that you found those bagels in a store. I have not seen them.

Purple potatoes? Are those different from the red potatoes? I must know 🙂

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