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Another Fun Fruit

by Meghann on September 16, 2008

The best thing about running in the morning is getting to watch the sunrise almost every day. I love how the sky turns a beautiful orange and red. I get to watch the earth wake up around me and it makes getting up early so much more worth it.


Here are my stats from this morning’s run:


Distance: 4.73 miles

Time: 55min 26 sec (including a 3 min cool down walk)

Calories burned: 484 (this is according to so who knows how accurate this is)


I also wanted to add a little side note that every morning unless otherwise noted I have half of a Cliff Z-Bar before my run or any form of exercise I do. If there’s a change I will let you know. J


Today’s fun fruit is Guava.



I’ve had guava juice before, but can honestly say I’ve never ate an actual guava. When I saw these at the store I knew I had to try them. They were small so I decided to have 2 this morning.



They are a pretty shade of pink once you peel off the skin.



Again, with the seeds. These seeds were worse then the ones from the cactus pear yesterday. My one complaint with this fruit was the annoying seeds, it just made every bite a bit of a chewing struggle.



I added the cut up guava to a combination of Kashi Heart 2 Heart and Kashi Go Lean cereal.


I would say the guava was pretty good. I think I prefer it as a juice though. They really weren’t that much, if I saw them at the store again I would purchase a couple and probably make a kick ass guava smoothie… I just need a strainer for those damn seeds. J


1 lauren September 16, 2008 at 12:14 pm

I have never had a guava either. reminds me a little of a pomegranate with all those seeds! You are waaay better than me with the morning runs – I find it so hard to get up and move early!

2 Bridget September 16, 2008 at 1:55 pm

Whoa it looks like a pink tomato! Never had guava…except maybe in juice or smoothie form. Its so fun to try new things though!

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