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They're not blueberries, they're chocolate chips!

by Meghann on September 13, 2008

Tonight I had my aunt and cousins over for a housewarming dinner in my new apartment. When trying to decide what to make I was stumped for ideas. All the stuff I was dying to make were a little out there, but I decided to put my faith in their adventurous food side and make Veganomicon’s Snobby Joes. I added some tomatoes and mushrooms to the recipe just to give it some extra flavor and boy were these good! My aunt and once cousin loved it, however my other cousin and her 6 year old son did not approve.


Here’s a shot of my plate mid meal. I was starving by the time everything was done, I just sort of dove right in. On the side I made some quick Whole Wheat Oatmeal bread (it’s under the snobby joes), some roasted asparagus and sweet potato fries.


I felt bad that my cousin’s son was not eating so I dove deep into my cabinets looks for something a six year old would enjoy. Finally he said he would happily eat some frozen waffles. So I pulled them out and put them on a plate and he seemed happy. He said they were good, but tasted different. I told his mom that they were the Kashi Blueberry waffles. He must have heard me say Blueberry Waffle because he instantly started whining that he didn’t like it and he wasn’t going to eat it. At that point his mom turned to me and told me to tell him they were chocolate chips and not blueberries. So I panicked and said they were chocolate chips and asked him if he wanted more chocolate chips to go on top. He gave me a teary nod and I went ahead and put some chocolate chips on top and heated it in the microwave for a few more seconds.


Here he is happy as a clam with chocolate smeared across his face.

I always think of the fact that when I have kids I am going to make sure they get healthy balanced meals with lots of veggies and I want them to try lots of new and interesting things. SO here I am thrown in to a situation with a kid who is refusing to eat the healthy meal I’ve prepared and what to I do? I cave and serve him chocolate waffles. This lets me know I am definitely not cut out for this kids thing yet. Well, not unless I wanted an obese kid who gets everything he wants. I am so weak to the tears!


After dinner we went to Marble Slab where I got a ‘small’ frozen yogurt with strawberries. I like to say ‘small’ because he doubled the size by overflowing the top. It doesn’t matter though because I ate every wonderful bite anyways. J

1 Erin October 6, 2010 at 3:20 pm

I am pretty new to your blog, so I am going through and reading all of your old posts. Just want to let you know, coming from a mom of 3, that when you teach your children to eat healthy options from the start it will work. My daugher, she is 3, eats everything I put in front of her. She loves all fruits and veggies. My middle son is a very picky eater…I find that he eats a lot of pizza but we make it with whole wheat crust and try to make it as healthy as possible..but he LOVES fruit! When the time is right they will learn to eat what you eat..and won’t scream about blueberry waffles because they will be used to that.

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