Saturday, September 13, 2008

A Thirsty Girl

by Meghann on September 13, 2008

My personal trainer appointment went really well this morning. We worked on legs today, which thanks to years of dancing, cheerleading and more recently running I am very proud of the strength of my legs. I warned him that I would be running 8 miles tomorrow and to take it easy on me. So what does he do? Pushes me harder then he has pushed me before. We did power reps, which are where you knock out 20 reps on the regular weight, then add 5-10 more pounds and push it out for 15 reps, and then bring the weight back down and push out 20 more. It was very brutal and hopefully my legs won’t feel too bad for my nice long run tomorrow.

 I had lunch today with my Daddy. My mom is currently on a medical mission trip in the Dominican Republic so I told him he could tag along with me today. We decided to go to one of my fave German restaurants in Sanford called Willow Tree Café.  It’s right in downtown Sanford and has an outdoor patio so you can bring your dogs to eat with you. I brought Abbie along and my dad brought along the family boxer, Scooby.

I ordered the Lunchbox option where you get half a sandwich and a soup.

I started off with this yummy glass of unsweetened peach-ginger Ice Tea. My Dad was not a fan, but I was in heave. I had 2 glasses, plus a to go cup. I was a very thirsty girl!


The soup of the day today was tomato basil. It was good, but a little too much like spaghetti sauce for my taste.


For the sandwich I chose the turkey & swiss on the german wheat bread with lettuce, tomatoes, onion and a spicy Dijon mustard. The mustard definitely opened my sinuses up!


Ignore the fact that I was already eating the sandwich when I remembered to take the picture. They also accidentally brought out a whole sandwich rather then just the half, but I still only ate the half.


On the side I asked for a bowl of fresh fruit.  I needed something sweet to round out my meal.


Abbie helped me eat the other half of the sandwich. She was very patiently waiting under the table for me to give her a piece. They are always so sweet at this place. They gave her a bowl of water while we were eating and also snuck her some german sausage.

After lunch we decided to walk along the St. John’s river to see the flood damage from T.S. Hannah.


As you can see the river was a little high. There used to be a road under there somewhere. I still can’t believe how much flooding Hannah caused. I know a lot of areas were flooded much worse then this, which is really scary in my opinion.

I have a special dinner planned for tonight and I can’t wait to try itJ I will see you later.

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