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My Introductory Meal

by Meghann on September 11, 2008

It’s amazing how fiddling with my new blog all day at work made my day go by so much faster. Granted, I got absolutely no work done, but it was nice to see 5 o’clock roll around out of nowhere.

For dinner tonight I dug deep in my fridge to find some tofu I bought a couple of weeks ago. I figured I would see what this baked tofu craze that is sweeping the blog world nation is all about.  I carefully followed Jenna’s directions for the perfect baked tofu and voila yummy crispy tofu! On the side I had a microwaved baked sweet potato and some okra I had thrown in the oven with the tofu. The bread is from a baquette I bought on Sunday, I think that was the last piece I was able to eat from the baquette becuse it was deifnately stale.

I have a terrible sweet tooth. It always craves dessert no matter how often I tell the tooth that it does not need it. I usually give in and allow myself one small treat an evening. I’m usually pretty good about keep sweets in my kitchen and only going after them after dinner in a moderate amount.

Self control was a little gift I picked up while trying to lose the weight. In February I told myself I was allowed to buy a box of Girl Scouts cookies if I could limit myself to a serving size a week. I kept the cookies in my freezer and lo and behold a couple of cookies were still in the freezer when I moved out in July. I managed to savor the yummy cookies and make them last 4 months! I only ate a couple of cookies a week.. The trick for me is I know if I don’t control myself and eat the whole box I would never allow myself to buy them again. So I would rather have the cookies around in small amounts then not at all.

For dessert tonight I chose to eat the last couple of Tina’s Skinny Cookies I made over the weekend. 

(Yes, that’s a snowflake plate. Yes, I live in Florida. Yes, it’s September. You got a problem with it, thug?)

These cookies are so yummy and chewy! I even gave some to some friends I had over for dinner on Monday and they couldn’t even tell I used peach puree to make them!

That’s it for today. I am off to watch my wonderful, magical DVR before hitting the hay.

Good night Blog world and thank you for all of the warm welcomings!!

1 caitlin (seebriderun) September 11, 2008 at 9:38 pm

today seemed like the day for baked tofu! i made some, too! 😀 mmmmmmmmmm delicious.

2 Derek September 18, 2009 at 3:19 pm

Hi Meghann’s first post….I’m Derek.

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