The Stroller Crew

June 23, 2016

Becoming a mom is a beautiful, amazing thing. It’s also really scary and really hard. That’s why mom friends are amazing. They just get it. A good mom friend isn’t there to judge; she’s there to celebrate the good times, commiserate with the bad, and offer her own stories that make you feel a little saner. more »

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A Little Sprinkle

June 19, 2016

As cheesy as it sounds, my sister is my best friend. She knows me better than anyone else on the planet, she never judges me for anything I have to say, and she just “gets” me. Trust me, we didn’t start out that way. We shared a bedroom until we were teenagers and pretty much more »

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Leftover 5K

June 6, 2016

Oh, hey! Look who ran a 5K this weekend (with my lil’ sidekick). There’s a race organizer in the local running community who’s pretty brilliant. A few years ago he started an event series called Best Damn Race (past recaps here , here, and here). It started with a “for runners, by runners” philosophy and has more »

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Annalynn: 8 Months

June 1, 2016

Happy 8 Months, Annalynn! Oh, how you’ve grown! You’re wearing 6-9 month clothes (I’ve even started buying 12 months in some items!) and still in size 3 diapers. I’m not 100% sure about weight, but I’m guessing over 17 pounds by now. You have the best laugh in the whole wide world and seeing you more »

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Beach Baby

May 30, 2016

Six years ago my parents rented a house on a secluded, low-key island and invited all of the kids, significant others, and dogs to join. It was the perfect vacation spot for our ever-growing family and one we’ve continued to return to year after year. Now, four weddings and two babies later (with two more more »

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Catching up with Brooks Beast Katie Mackey

May 25, 2016

The countdown to Rio is here! T-minus 72 days until the opening ceremonies for the 2016 Summer Olympic Games! Honestly, I can’t believe it’s time for another Olympic Games. Has it really been four years since London?! It feels like yesterday that I was cheering on Kara Goucher and Shalane Flanagan during the marathon or more »

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