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September 2005

This photo was taken at a friend’s birthday celebration my Junior year of college. This was probably when I was at my thinnest in college, but not healthy by any means. I was still pretty active at this point with dance and walking to class, but my eating habits included late night fried chicken runs and all the beer you could drink.


April 2007

College graduation. I believe this is where you can start to see a difference in my face. After I graduated I went to a desk job and just stopped any sort of activity.


June 2007

This photo was taken right after I graduated college on a celebratory cruise. I hated every picture taken on this cruise.


September 2007

The pants I am wearing in this picture were ones I had bought a couple of months before and were obviously now too small. None of my clothes fit at this point and I was very unhappy with the weight gain.

imageNovember 2007

At this point its hard to fin full body pictures of me online. I either deleted them or left them cropped at half. I was un happy and ready to do something about it.


February 2008

1 month into my weight loss progress. I had lost about 10 pounds at this point and could already tell a difference in how I felt and what I looked like.

March 2008 – 2 months into weight loss and down 15 pounds. I ran my first and second 5k this month. I was officially hooked on running.

May 2008

I reached my goal 4 months after I began losing weight. Total weight loss 25 pounds!


September 2008

I ran my first 15k and started my blog. I was happy. Very happy!


March 2009

One full year after I created a goal with myself to lose weight and get in shape I am happy today that life could not be better. I found a hobby that I love, am full of energy and am no longer scared of the camera. Confidence is key!

June 2007 versus May 2008

October 2007 versus October 2008

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