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Rutabaga Hash Browns

by Meghann on February 15, 2013

I get lazy on the weekends, especially when it comes to cooking. Lately Derek and I have picked up a nasty habit eating out on the weekends. One meal out is fine, but the three or four we’ve been averaging is starting to add up. We’re trying to save up for a big trip this summer and cutting out those extra meals is an easy way to cut unnecessary spending.

So I did the typical “we have nothing to eat” dance in front of the fridge this evening, I pushed the bottles around and looked for food I knew wasn’ t there. Only this time I didn’t admit defeat. I thought about our future plans, pulled out a few random ingredients, and made a Friday night meal.


It might not be a typical meal, but it was still a tasty one.

We had a rutabaga that I chopped in small cubes and made rutabaga hash browns with. I started with the rutabaga to a hot pan with a little bit of oil, then added carrots, onions, mushroom, and spinach. I seasoned everything with salt, pepper, and a few dashes of worcestershire sauce.


I topped the hash browns with a runny egg, which coated the hash browns with a yolky sauce as soon as I tore into it. The meal was simple, delicious, and cheaper than going out to eat. Score!

We stayed in tonight and caught up on the DVR. Did anyone see last night’s Glee last night?! OMG! Such a great episode! One of my favorite of the season. 🙂

Good night, everyone!

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