Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Transitioning to a Toddler Bed

by Meghann on November 22, 2017

Last month we made the big leap and transitioned Annalynn to a toddler bed. So far, so good!

This wasn’t something we were originally planning on doing so soon. Annalynn was a great sleeper in her crib and our goal was to keep her there as long as possible. She never tried to escape and never fought us when she went to bed – why mess with a good thing?

However, right before her second birthday I decided to try and hunt down the transition parts that would turn her crib into a toddler bed. That way we would be prepared if we needed to make a fast change.  One of the reasons we purchased our particular crib, was the ability for it to transition from a crib to a toddler bed to a full size bed and essentially grow with her. However, we naively didn’t buy all of those transitional pieces right away, thinking we could purchase them when it came time to make the actual transition. Well, that was a dumb move. Turns out they no longer make our crib and all of the transitional pieces that are out there are either the wrong color or $$$. So there goes that plan.

Instead, I started to keep an eye out for a simple secondhand toddler bed that wouldn’t  break the bank. I found one at Once Upon a Child for $50 that was in great shape and perfectly matched the décor in Annalynn’s room – sold! We brought it home thinking we would put it in storage until we needed it.

That didn’t last long.

As soon as we had it in our possession we were suddenly dying to set it up in Annalynn’s room and see how she responded.

We waited a full week before taking a chance on a Saturday and ripping the bandaid off with the new bed. She didn’t even bat an eye when her crib was gone. She sleeps on a cot at daycare – and when we travel – so she’s already accustomed to sleeping close to the floor without railings. To her, it was nothing out of the ordinary.

She did surprisingly well the first night. In fact, I think she fell asleep faster in her big girl bed than she would normally in her crib! We did have a few nights where she rolled off of the bed in the middle of night, but we were able to scoop her up and put her back on the bed without her even waking up.


We did move the bed up against the wall to give her a barrier, and she hasn’t had a rolling issue since.

Honestly, I wasn’t expecting the transition to go as well as it did. I’m just as shocked as anyone else, but I really think it helps that she’s been sleeping on a cot at daycare so she’s already been taught not to move off the bed until she’s given permission to do so. I’m sure one day she’ll learn that mommy doesn’t have to pick her up from the bed, and she can get off by herself, but I can promise you I will not be the one to teach her that anytime soon.

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