Monday, April 3, 2017

Annalynn: 18 Months Old

by Meghann on April 3, 2017

Happy Half-Birthday, Annalynn! You’re 18 months old!

I can’t believe you’re already halfway through being one! While it feels like no time has passed at all since your first birthday back in October, you’ve also changed so much since then. You have hair! You talk! You run! You give the best hugs! And mine and daddy’s love for you continues to grow each day.

We’re heading to the doctor next week, but I’m guessing you’re about 32in tall and weigh around 22 lbs. You’re comfortably wearing size 18-24 month clothes, size 5 shoes, and size 4 diapers.


Words! So many words! Lately, it seems like you’re a sponge when it comes to the English language. Your favorites phrases are “all gone” (while shrugging your arms up in the air), “1…2…3…GO!” (especially with daddy), and “Up!… Down!” (with the corresponding motions). You’re not quite speaking full sentences yet (or really anywhere close to it), but it’s still fun to watch you learn and pick-up on certain words and phrases.

You also love to read and flip through photos. I recently made a book of photos of family members for you and you could easily spend hours flipping through photos, pointing out family members, and learning everyone’s names. You also enjoy looking at picture frames and learning names that way as well.


You’re still a big eater and continue to impress us with how much you eat in a day. Every morning you pretty much bolt from your room and head straight to your highchair, ready for breakfast. You’re just like your mama – you HAVE to eat as soon as you wake up and, if there’s a delay for whatever reason, you’re NOT happy about it. Breakfast isn’t ready? Nope. Not happy. Highchair needs to be cleaned? Not a good enough excuse. We have plans to eat later and need to delay? Clearly, the world must be coming to an end.

For breakfast, you love yogurt, fruit, cereal, eggs, pancakes, bagels… basically all breakfast foods. You generally get a full meal and you’re always in a better mood after you eat.  However, it should be noted, that on weekdays this is only your first of two breakfasts for the day. When mommy switched jobs and started working earlier, you started arriving at daycare before breakfast was served, which meant you got to eat with everyone else. At first I wasn’t sure which breakfast to stick with. You need to eat right when you wake up or all hell breaks loose, but it also didn’t seem right that you would sit out while all of your friends ate.   Turns out I didn’t need to pick which breakfast you would eat, because you’ve been happy eating both. Every morning you eat a full breakfast before school and a full breakfast at school. And you happily clean your plate both times.  Yep, my big eater.

Daycare provides lunch and it’s rare to receive a report where you didn’t clean your plate. More than often there’s a x2 next to your name. You get a great variety at daycare and enjoy chicken and rice, sandwiches, pasta salad, veggie bites, and more. Then there’s a mid-afternoon snack of crackers, cheese, or fruit. I also send a second snack (applesauce) to daycare since you need a little something extra to get to 6:00pm pick-up.

You eat whatever mom and dad have for dinner and, again, impress us with how much you eat. You love meatloaf, sweet potato, brussels sprouts, carrots, fruit, and pretty much anything that comes from our plates (because food directly from mom and dad’s plate is 10x better than food that starts on your plate).

You’re still nursing in the morning and at night, but the sessions are quick and you don’t seem as interested as you used to be. I think our nursing relationship may be coming to an end soon and I’m at peace with that. However, you’re still not a huge fan of whole milk. You’ll take the cup, but won’t drink much of it. You prefer water with your meals and snacks. As long as you’re eating plenty of yogurt, cheese, and dairy ( which you are!), your doctor isn’t concerned.


Oh, my little sleeper, I won’t talk about how great of a sleeper you still are for fear I will jinx it somehow. Right now you go to bed around 7:30ish each night and you’re up at 6:30 during the week and 8:30 on the weekends. You’re NOT a morning person… just like you’re daddy.

You still sleep in a sleep sack every night, though you’re on the verge of outgrowing it shortly. Once you do outgrow it, we’ll transition you to just a blanket. Your crib is still empty at night and I’m not even sure how to start the process of introducing a pillow or stuffed animals. I mean, you sleep so great without those things, I’m worried you’ll stop sleeping great if we put anything else in the crib with you.


You and Maddie are still best buds. You love to give her treats, throw toys, and rub her back. Maddie is incredibly patient with you and feels it’s her job to protect you at all times.

We’re heading on a family vacation next week and you’ll  get to fly on a plane for the first time! Mommy and daddy are nervous since there’s so much more STUFF we’ll need to remember for our getaway, but we’re looking forward to our first big trip together.

You are amazing, Annalynn, and it truly is an honor to be your mom and dad. We love watching your grow and learn. xoxo

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