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  1. Erica {Erica@EricaDHouse.com}
    June 3, 2015

    At 26 weeks I’ve basically given up on running. It just doesn’t feel right to me anymore, and I usually start to get round ligament pain a few minutes into it anyway. It’s hard because I was a pretty serious runner before (was planning to train for my first 50k!) but I know it’s only temporary. I still try to run/walk intervals at least once a week, and am going on a lot more long walks now!
    Erica {Erica@EricaDHouse.com} recently posted..500 Calorie Interval Workout {Zero Equipment Needed!}

  2. Nikki
    June 3, 2015

    No longer pregnant, gave birth last year, but this made me laugh. You are spot on!

  3. Goldie
    June 3, 2015

    here here! Our bodies are amazing. I mean, mine is slowly breaking down as I fast approach 30 weeks but after a 28 weeks scan and a look at bubba and seeing how wonderful s/he is I am a big fan of my body right now. I look odd and I walk funny but I don’t care. I am creating life.xx
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  4. Linda @ The Fitty
    June 3, 2015


    You made me laugh today, thanks for your honesty and sense of humor ! 🙂
    Linda @ The Fitty recently posted..PROM PART 2 — THE PARTY & SHE KISSED ME

  5. Dunja
    June 3, 2015

    Thanks for this post! I hope I can run again when I start in my second trimester. I’m now in week 11. In the beginning I run three times a week a 5k (what is ridiculous because before pregnancy I’ve running four times a week and no less then 10k). And then I have start feeling very unconfortable. And last week I have get an restriction by my doctor because I had a bleeding. But I miss running so much. It was always my perfect start in the day. And of course I’ve coul go regular to the toilet. Since I can’t running I have big problems with this issue. My stomach hurts almost every day…

  6. Jamie
    June 3, 2015

    I am pregnant with my third and quit running during the first trimester. I think it is so awesome that you are able to continue your running. Thanks for keeping it real though, you made me laugh. The pregnancy gas is no joke ha ha. My daughter (2 years old) told me how stinky I was the other day. Oh well, I know from experience that it will all be back to normal eventually.

  7. Samantha
    June 3, 2015

    All of this is true! I’m 41 weeks tomorrow and I’ve run my entire pregnancy – minus weeks 1-5 because I did IVF and was restricted to walking. My biggest peice of advice is to continue to adjust your expectations. First my pace slowed, then I began taking more walking breaks. About six weeks ago, running outside caused my calves to swell, so I’ve done the treadmill exclusively since. Now I run for about 15 minutes, take a break to relieve the swelling in my feet, then run 15 more. It’s a far cry from the half training I was used to, but it still gives me that runner’s high. I’ve approached every run with the idea it could be my last, and that’s ok. Good luck with the remainder of your pregnancy! I also bought a support belt around my third trimester and that helped a lot with back/pelvic pains.

  8. Cara
    June 3, 2015

    However, you didn’t mention anything about peeing your pants every 2 minutes, lol!

  9. Jen @ Pretty Little Grub
    June 3, 2015

    Does it feel funny? I always wondered if your belly would feel like its bouncing around.
    Jen @ Pretty Little Grub recently posted..Accutane results

    • Meghann
      June 3, 2015

      Sometimes I swear I feel my uterus hitting my bladder, but I don’t think the bump is quite big enough to really notice a bouncing difference yet. However, I’m full prepared to order a maternity support belt when it does.

  10. KatyBugChild
    June 3, 2015

    I highly recommend the Moving Comfort bras, especially in Juno style, because they’re nursing friendly and because of the velco straps, they adjust really well as your boobs grow. I have four pair.
    KatyBugChild recently posted..Dear BabyBug 2.0 (17 Weeks)

    • Meghann
      June 3, 2015

      I ordered one and LOVE it. Looks like I’ll be investing in a few more.

  11. Annie
    June 3, 2015

    Congrats on running through the first half of your pregnancy! Love the jumping picture- adorable! I was just wondering if you and Derek were going to install a childproof fence around your pool, since I’m sure you will be doing a lot of entertaining with the under-5 crowd in the next few years. If you need additional info, the Red Cross is a great resource for pool safety and fence tips. Some places even have organizations that provide free fences! Best of luck to you! 🙂

    • Meghann
      June 3, 2015

      Yep. That’s on our baby proofing list!

  12. Sarah
    June 3, 2015

    I am not sure if you have ever tried a Wacol sports bra or not but they are awesome, In the last year and a bit I started running and lost 45lbs and I’m still wearing the same sports bra I bought at the start of my running. Granted I didn’t lose all of my boobs but I did lost some and changing the straps from straight to crossed back allows me to still wear the same bra. I think I really could go down a band size but this one still does the job. Might be worth checking out if you think you’ll have variability as you continue your pregnancy and then run post-baby – and for me it’s 100% supportive for the run.

    • Meghann
      June 3, 2015

      I had a few folks recommend Wacol for regular bras, but I didn’t know they made sports bras. I’ll have to investigate.

  13. Mary
    June 3, 2015

    Thanks for writing such an honest (and funny!) post. Like Jen, I’d also like to ask the question ‘Does it feel like your belly is bouncing around?!’
    As someone that is recently married and thinking about starting a family one of the things that worries me most is that I may not be able to run. It’s not really talked about – people assume I’ll give it up when I fall pregnant – a little like someone would give up cigarettes or alcohol, but I’m not sure I want to do that. Best get prepared for all the farting then instead! 😛
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    • Meghann
      June 3, 2015

      I still have some ways to go in the bump department, so I’m sure the bouncing will start soon. I’m looking into maternity support belts for when that happens.

  14. EB @ Running on E
    June 3, 2015

    Hilarious and honest! The human body is really amazing and it’s ability to create another human is impressive!
    EB @ Running on E recently posted..May Recap

  15. Laura
    June 3, 2015

    I don’t have gas during my preggo runs but I notice that it hits right after a run. And it’s that painful gas that makes you feel sick until it works it’s way out. Oye!

    And preggo boobs are no joke! I tried to run yesterday using a sports bra I ran in 1.5 weeks ago but within 10 steps I realized it would no longer give me the support I need. The run turned into a very long walk. I just don’t know which bra to try and which size to order. My husband remind me “you’re getting a baby out of this” and I point out he is too but his body isn’t doing weird things!
    Laura recently posted..Meal Planning

  16. Kim
    June 3, 2015

    I wasn’t really into running back when I was pregnant but I know if I got pregnant today (oh dear), I would continue to run. I’m really going to enjoy following your journey until that little one arrives. I bet this makes labor a breeze. Keep it up!
    Kim recently posted..Dear stomach, the party’s over. Avoiding post marathon weight gain.

  17. Pam
    June 3, 2015

    Have you used a heart rate monitor at all while running?
    My personal trainer suggested I stay at 140/150 BPM and it’s hard to stick to those levels once I break a sweat. I’m only 6 weeks so being very cautious right now.
    Great post and so true about being gassy, right after every meal too, hard to hide it sometimes!
    Pam recently posted..Five Fun Ways to Keep Your Memory Sharp

    • Laura
      June 4, 2015

      The 140 BPM for pregnant women is really outdated information. It should be based on each individual person’s fitness range and their normal BPM. I’m 19 weeks pregnant and got so stressed out trying to stay within a certain range that I ditched the heart rate monitor completely. I feel so much better not worrying about it. I just do my normal workouts but don’t do anything extreme like sprints, etc. On an exertion scale of 1-10 I’d say I don’t really go above a 7 anymore. And at 6 weeks pregnant, it’s so early you really don’t need to worry-baby isn’t even using your blood supply yet so no damage can be done.
      Laura recently posted..Meal Planning

  18. Megan
    June 3, 2015

    I ran throughout most of my second pregnancy- it was amazing. I had to stop around 34 weeks bc it felt like my stomach was going to fall off… But I continued to use the elliptical.

    I loved the looks and comments I would get. ????

  19. Molly Rose
    June 4, 2015

    haha I love it! So glad to hear your body is able to run while pregnant! And hey- I take on the run/walk approach and I’m not pregnant… I love walking breaks! They make the whole thing less miserable 😉

    keep chugging along girlfriend, you’re looking great!
    Molly Rose recently posted..St Maarten

  20. Meghan
    June 4, 2015

    I love this!! So happy that you have been able to run throughout your pregnancy!
    Meghan recently posted..How to Get Over a Bad Workout.

  21. Jenna
    June 4, 2015

    This made my day! I am almost 15 weeks and i have issues with #1 and #2 EVERY time! Luckily i have a treadmill at home so only i have to suffer haha! And i can totally relate to the bras…i too went from nothing to OMG HOW MUCH BIGGER CAN THEY GET! I needed new bras ASAP! I have had to incorporate walking as well because my belly can feel heavy and my lung capacity isnt what is used to be =)

  22. Laure
    June 4, 2015

    Meghan, I have been reading your blog for years. I just had a baby April 1. I think I had to stop running around 20 weeks due to the peeing issue. However I did the stairmaster and elliptical until 32 weeks. Then it got harder. I hiked up and down the stairs at red rocks amphitheater a few times between weeks 32-41. I also worked as an RN until 39 weeks. I bounced back super quick, in fact I was below PP wright within 1 week. Stay active, it gets harder but you will not regret it. So excited for u and baby girl

  23. Julie
    June 4, 2015

    Totally could not run when I was pregnant, so I admire that you can. I did a near marathon at 9 weeks and I think at 21 weeks it just felt bad. I had (and still have — 6 months postpartum!) pubic issues that made/makes running painful. But it could have been worse!

  24. Ashley M. [at] (never)homemaker
    June 5, 2015

    Great post. I completely agree with the pooping and farting. Shit got REAL sometimes. Hahah 🙂
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  25. Trish
    June 6, 2015

    I ran my whole pregnancy. My last run was two days before I gave birth. I was even able to complete 2 marathons. I never noticed being gassy on runs and I never needed to pee (I sweat a lot) but like you, I never had to worry about constipation. I also sometimes noticed my leg/feet going numb for a few when the baby readjusted on my sciatic nerve. That was fun. You will notice after you have baby and come back to running, it is weird too. Your hips might be wider and your muscles had adjusted to the belly so it just feels different. .

  26. Tricia @ A Couple of Dashes
    June 11, 2015

    You had me laughing out loud on the bus when I read the part about how you bring Maddie with you so you have someone to blame for your gas. Hilarious!
    Tricia @ A Couple of Dashes recently posted..How to Get the Most Out of Your Fitness Tracker

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