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  1. Courtney
    May 11, 2013

    Happy Mother’s Day to your mamma! Mother’s Day is always hard for me, my mom passes away when I was 9. =/ It’s weird, because it actually gets harder as I get older. People think it gets easier. Anyways, LOVE to see your appreciating everything she does. <3
    Courtney recently posted..I’m a Pansy & DIY Ombre

  2. Jan @ Sprouts n Squats
    May 12, 2013

    What a great mothers day! I would love to go to DisneyLand for Mother’s Day that is awesome!

    Those blueberries look delicious, I have food envy 🙂
    Jan @ Sprouts n Squats recently posted..Mother’s Day Classic Recap

  3. Tiffany
    May 12, 2013

    WOW. Major blueberry/Disneyworld

  4. Tiffany
    May 12, 2013

    WOW. Major Disneyworld/all-you-can-eat blueberry envy! I’m also so grateful for my mom. She’s my best friend in the world.
    Tiffany recently posted..Day 1 of Blogilates

  5. meredith
    May 12, 2013

    So jealous of those blueberries! What a wonderful way to spend Mother’s Day-love Disney!
    meredith recently posted..Dunkin’s Doorstep

  6. Karen @ Runner Girl Eats
    May 12, 2013

    So many blueberries!!! I’m not a huge blueberry fan but free fruit is always exciting 🙂
    Karen @ Runner Girl Eats recently posted..Mother’s Day on South Beach

  7. Erica @ For the Sake of Cake
    May 12, 2013

    Blueberry heaven! I love Chef-in-Training’s recipe for overnight blueberry French toast. (Just go to chef-in-training.com and search for it!) I’ve made it a few times and my husband thinks it gets better and better the longer it sits, so you could make it at the start of the week and enjoy it as breakfast for several days (it makes a lot!).
    Erica @ For the Sake of Cake recently posted..Spring Into Action Playlist

  8. Emily @ Relishments
    May 12, 2013

    I’m so jealous that you can pick blueberries already! That’s one of the “must do” items for me this summer.
    Emily @ Relishments recently posted..Time Management & New Header Image

  9. Sara @ fitcupcaker
    May 12, 2013

    I Love love love blueberries, and I am so jealous. I need to go picking 🙂 They looks so tasty!
    Sara @ fitcupcaker recently posted..My Weekend And Happy Mother’s Day!

  10. Nicole
    May 12, 2013

    What a fun way to spend Mother’s Day!!
    Nicole recently posted..Run Report, Coloured Crops & Mother’s Day

  11. Katie @ Talk Less, Say More
    May 12, 2013

    You make me so want to go blueberry picking! LOVE blueberries – I’m so obsessed with them lately I can’t help it!!
    Katie @ Talk Less, Say More recently posted..Moms & Mud

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