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CrossFit WOD Break Down

by Meghann on February 20, 2013

Good Morning!

It’s been a while since I really broke down a WOD and went over it step-by-step. If you’ve never been to a CrossFit box before the workouts on the white board can look like a bunch of gibberish ( sometimes they still look like gibberish to me). They seems to have a language of their own where acronyms are certainly king. Once you get it down, it’s not bad, but it takes a few workouts to figure it out.

*please note I am NOT a certified CrossFit instructor and am solely basing this off my own experience. please speak to a CrossFit professional before trying any CrossFit workouts.


Most workouts are broken down into three parts:

  1. Warm up
  2. Skill/ Focus
  3. WOD (WOD = workout of the day) or metcon (metcon = metabolic conditioning)

Warm Up

Today’s warm up was:

  • 300 m row
  • 2x: pass throughs x10 and windmills x10
  • Band shoulder mobility

The 300m row is pretty self explanatory. We all hopped on the rowing machines and rowed for 300 meters. Easy enough.

Now “2x: pass throughs x10 and windmills x10” means you do 2 rounds of 10 pass throughs and 10 windmills. Both of these are performed with a PVC pipe and are good for shoulder mobility. You can see a video of shoulder pass throughs HERE. I couldn’t find a video of the windmills, but you grab the PVC on both ends and make wide circular movements with your body while holding the PVC pipe mainly above your head.

For band shoulder mobility, our coach walked us through some shoulder exercises with large rubber bands that were tied to the pull up bar.

The warm up took about 10-15 minutes to complete. It was a nice long warm up that got our shoulders nice and loose, and ready for today’s workout.


The skill/focus is usually the heavy weight portion of the workout. We tend to work on RMs (reps max) for various lifts, squats, or what ever is on our coach’s mind for the day.

Today’s skill/focus:

  • Warm up as group (coach’s count): 5 strict press, 5 push press, 5 push/ split jerk
  • Push jerk/ split jerk 3 RM

For the warm up we all grabbed light bars (I grabbed a 15 lb bar) and stood in a circle while following our coach’s lead on all the presses. We did 5 of each (strict press, push press, and push/split jerk) while our coach went over proper form in between each move.

I’m really glad I grabbed the light bar because after 15-20 practices presses, my shoulders were already feeling it.

For our 3 RM (meaning the maximum weight we could do at 3 reps) we had the option of the push jerk or split jerk. The main difference is you can split your legs on the split jerk (which in my opinion gives you more stability). My partner actually started with the regular jerk, but switched to split when she realized how much more power she had splitting her legs.

There were 6 of us in class today, so we divided into groups of two and each group shared a bar and a rack. I was partnered with the only other girl in today’s class, we were pretty even on weight until the end when she went for a 3 RM that was 10lbs higher than my 3 RM. If I’m the only girl I usually get a bar to myself, it’s very rare when the men and women share one bar since the weight difference is usually so high.

I probably would have stopped at 75lbs for my 3 RM if my coach hadn’t encouraged me to give it a try for 80. I swear, sometimes she has eyes in the back of her head – she knows all and won’t let us get away with anything! I kind of like that coaching style, I need someone pushing me, otherwise I know I will never reach my full potential. I ended up maxing out at 80lbs and was really proud of that number. It was hard – really, really hard – but I did it!


The WOD (or “metcon”) is the meat of the workout. The workout can be as little as 5 minutes or go as long a 45, but usually averages around 20 minutes. It’s usually an all out effort, where you want to give it hell.

Today’s WOD:

  • 25m down/back 1 arm carry waiter right 45-55#/ 30-35#
  • 25m bear crawl/ 25m crab walk
  • 25m down/back 1 arm carry waiter left
  • 4 RFT

ha! Okay, I’ll admit this one is confusing. Let’s break it down a part at a time.

  • 25m down/back 1 arm carry waiter right 45-55#/ 30-35#

This is a 25m down and back, which means we’re walking to one cone that is 25m out and turning around and heading back. The “1 arm carry waiter” means we’re carrying a weight in one arm above our head like a waiter

Here’s Scott demonstrating.


The “45-55#/ 30-35#” at the end is the recommended weight. The higher numbers are recommended for the guys and the lower numbers are recommended for the girls. If you complete the workout with the prescribed weight you “RXed” the workout and get to write a “RX” next to your name on the board. (I always check out the class before ours to see how many people RXed to get a feel for how tough the workout was, when I saw that no girls RXed, I knew I was in trouble.).

Remember how I said my coach has eyes in the back of her head? Well somehow we got out the door with 20lb dumbbells, but my coach caught us after the first round and replaced our dumbbells with 25lbs. Looking back, I wish I would have tried for a RX. The 25 didn’t feel bad and I think I could have gone for 30. Oh well.

  • 25m bear crawl/ 25m crab walk

After you finish carrying the weight, you drop to a bear crawl to get to the other cone and once you reach that cone you turn around and do the crab walk on the way back. (side note: my hands were raw after 4 rounds of these in the parking lot. ouch.)

  • 25m down/back 1 arm carry waiter left

This time you’re carrying the weight in your left arm for the “arm carry waiter.”

  • 4 RFT

Complete 4 rounds for time. Once you finish four rounds call time and the coach will let you know what your time is. Remember your time and write it on the white board with your name. Be proud of what you accomplished.


So, there you have it, a breakdown of a typical CrossFit class. It isn’t so scary, right? Having a great coach and classmates really helps. Usually no one leaves until the last person is done with the WOD and we’re always there cheering them on until the very end. 🙂

I received a shipment of Chobani’s new Pear Greek Yogurt yesterday (thanks, Chobani!) and couldn’t wait to try it for breakfast after CrossFit.


I had a spoonful straight from the container and will admit I wasn’t sure of it at first. I’ve never had pear yogurt before and the flavor definitely threw me off. However, I started to appreciate it after my second bite. I like that the pear wasn’t terribly sweet or overpowering. It was very mild (just as a pear generally is) and would be even better with a bit of cinnamon. I’m usually not a berry yogurt fan because the berry flavor can become sickeningly sweet in a prepackaged yogurt cup. The pear flavor was far from that, it didn’t taste like is was pure sugar, it simply tasted like pear. I appreciated that.

The Chobani Pear Greek Yogurt was the base for today’s breakfast bowl.


In the bowl:

  • Chobani Pear Greek Yogurt
  • Kashi Go Lean Crisp Cinnamon
  • Strawberries
  • Walnuts
  • Almond slivers


This bowl definitely hit the spot. Nothing like a bowl of greek yogurt and nuts to fuel me for the rest of my day!

Have you tried Chobani’s new pear flavor? What did you think?

1 Julie @ There and Back Again February 20, 2013 at 10:47 am

Too funny – I had Chobani pear for the first time ever last week. I wasn’t looking close enough in the grocery store and thought I grabbed apple cinnamon! I love pears but for some reason was not a fan of this flavor at all – it just tasted funny to me. Guess I’ll stick with my ol’ reliable Chobani raspberry and passionfruit faves 🙂
Julie @ There and Back Again recently posted..The Cupboard Under the Stairs, 4 Privet Drive, Little Whinging…

2 Meghan @ After the Ivy League February 20, 2013 at 11:11 am

I tried the Chobani Pear a couple weeks ago. I definitely liked it, but it’s still not my favorite…I usually stick to apple cinnamon, peach, and pineapple. I love the sweet ones!

3 Karen February 20, 2013 at 11:24 am

Thanks for the breakdown! Crossfit lingo is def intimidating and confusing. I would love to try the pear chobani, I’m a big pear fan 🙂

4 abbi February 20, 2013 at 11:28 am

I had high hopes for the pear Chobani and it was good but I wasn’t a huge fan either. I’ll probably stick with the Blood Orange most of the time!
abbi recently posted..This is a Running Blog

5 Heather @fitncookies February 20, 2013 at 12:03 pm

Thank you thank you thank you! I read so many blogs of people who do crossfit but never understand it! And, then I see that they finished in under 10 minutes and I’m like uhh, thats not that long? Haha so thanks for explaining! I understand it so much more 🙂
Heather @fitncookies recently posted..WIAW Numero Tres

6 Cecilia @ MommiesRun February 20, 2013 at 12:15 pm

I was totally about to tell you to put some Kashi Go Lean Crisp Cinnamon crumble flavor in the Pear and then I kept reading and saw that you did! I really like the pear but I LOVE the new banana flavor! It tastes like banana pudding!

7 Lauren February 20, 2013 at 11:29 pm

I thought pear was okay but I’m really into the banana flavor! I top it with some mini chocolate chips and chopped nuts and it’s just like banana bread!! I didn’t think I’d even like the banana. Nice change of pace after eating pineapple for a few months!

8 Annette @FitnessPerks February 20, 2013 at 12:30 pm

I want to try the pear!!
Annette @FitnessPerks recently posted..Things to Consider in Becoming a Fitness Instructor

9 erica February 20, 2013 at 1:29 pm

i tried the pear flavor the other week…i was not a fan. i’m sticking to the pineapple!
erica recently food finds

10 Angela February 20, 2013 at 2:47 pm

I love pear!! So I would love to try that new flavor. Mmm!
Angela recently posted..25 things about my favorite 25 year old.

11 Bethany @ Accidental Intentions February 20, 2013 at 4:04 pm

I tried pear the other day, though I did have it mixed with granola, so I don’t know how I’d feel about it plain. It’s an interesting choice for a yogurt flavor…not something I would’ve expected, so I’ve got to give Chobani props on keeping things interesting. Banana, though, I’m SUPER skeptical about. I’ve never really like banana flavored things, so I doubt I’ll be giving that a whirl anytime soon…or ever. Haha.
Bethany @ Accidental Intentions recently posted..Doing Everything…or Not

12 Running Betty February 20, 2013 at 4:17 pm

I have not tried the pear yet, but I would love to!
Running Betty recently posted..Running amuck at the Dirty Girl Mud Run Tampa

13 Beth @ Running with the Sunrise February 20, 2013 at 4:32 pm

Congrats on working up to 80 lbs! It’s also nice to see some explanations of CrossFit lingo–I’m not a CrossFitter, so I sometimes see a list of what people did for their workout and it looks like complete gibberish. I, sadly, have not tried the new Chobani pear flavor because I am allergic to pears, but I’ve heard that a lot of people really like it.
Beth @ Running with the Sunrise recently posted..Lazy Tuesday

14 sara @ fitcupcaker February 20, 2013 at 6:05 pm

Ive seen the pear and banana but havent tried either. I want to try the pear though. A yogurt bowl sounds delicious!
sara @ fitcupcaker recently posted..WIAW- Blueberry Protein Pancakes & Giveaway Winner

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