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Eggplant Chicken Salad

by Meghann on February 7, 2013

I think I found a way to make last night’s eggplant dip look a tad more appealing for the camera – turn it into a chicken salad sandwich.


Ta da! It’s a little better, no?

I had leftover chicken breast and eggplant dip in the fridge. What better way to take advantage of the leftovers than combine the two? Throw in some sliced olives and green onion and you have a tasty alternative chicken salad sandwich, no mayo required. Plus you have the added bonus of sneaking some veggies in with the eggplant dip. Oh, and it tasted good too.


Cucumbers are the new potato chips. Obviously.


Well, that or they’re just the new side veggie of choice. Who am I kidding – no veggie will ever permanently replace a salty potato chip. ;)


Something new!


Though Müller has been a well known yogurt brand in Europe for years, Quaker has only recently started bringing Muller to the United States (I first heard of the brand when they were a sponsor at BlogHer last year). In honor of Muller hitting store shelves in Tampa later this month, the company sent me a few samples to try.


I was instantly drawn to the creative flavors ( like Caramelized Almonds, Choco Balls, and Choco Flakes). I always enjoy yogurt flavors that are outside the box of the traditional fruity flavors, especially ones that promise a nice crunch like the caramelized almonds.


The Müller Greek Corner yogurts are presented in a split package with a side compartment of toppings you add yourself.


The yogurt was creamy, but not as thick as other greek yogurts I’ve tried. It’s also plain yogurt (I’m not sure why I was expecting vanilla?), which means it’s not very sweet. The almonds did add a nice crunch and gave the yogurt a much needed touch of sweetness.


Overall I would say it’s okay. I thought the amount of yogurt you actually get from the container was deceivingly small. This was a light snack that didn’t really fill me up. However, if all you want is a light, quick snack, then this will work just fine.

Have you tried Müller yogurt? What did you think?

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