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  1. Megan
    January 28, 2013

    My something new was kinnnnnd of similar. Cooked ramen with a teensy bit of the seasoning, 1/2 cup of peas and two runny eggs. It was surprisingly tasty! Bacon would have been a nice addition.

  2. Tracy
    January 28, 2013

    Looks interesting! How about some Franks Red Hot Sauce?

  3. MrsSwan
    January 28, 2013

    I have never tried quinoa but that looks yummy. I have had a bag in the pantry forever but the whole rinsing bitter thing intimidates me.
    MrsSwan recently posted..Day 28

  4. Anne @ eatcleaneatreal
    January 28, 2013

    I love quinoa mixed with eggs. You can also try quinoa fried rice! Super yummy!
    Anne @ eatcleaneatreal recently posted..Days 3 and 4: Craving salad!

    • Katie Cummings
      January 28, 2013

      That’s what I was going to suggest!

    • amyt
      January 30, 2013

      quinoa fried rice is delish….I love it!

  5. Betsy
    January 28, 2013


  6. Allison
    January 28, 2013

    Sounds delish! Similar to fried rice but a healthier version. Maybe add some soy sauce next time?

  7. Kimberly
    January 28, 2013

    Anything is better with bacon. That’s a given!

  8. christine
    January 28, 2013

    try a poached egg instead of scrambled next time….there’s your sauce!

  9. Meredith @ The Coupon Bride
    January 28, 2013

    Oooh, bacon is great with anything! And that looks like a yummy take on fried rice. I might just throw a little hot sauce on there…mmm!
    Meredith @ The Coupon Bride recently posted..The search for gray dresses

  10. Valerie
    January 28, 2013

    It sort of sounds like you made quinoa fried rice–I bet some oyster sauce would be great in that dish!

  11. Jean
    January 28, 2013

    So sort of an American-Asian fusion-y stir fry, then! That actually looks ridiculously good.

  12. Angela
    January 29, 2013

    I agree, usually anything with bacon is excellent in my book. πŸ™‚
    Angela recently posted..Blessed.

  13. Danielle @ itsaharleyyylife
    January 29, 2013

    mmm bacon! I have been hooked ever since I decided eating it everyday isn’t a problem… I mean that’s what CrossFit/Paleo diet says right?! (:

  14. Elizabeth- My Neon Running Shoes
    January 29, 2013

    Looks great! I have added turkey sausage to quinoa but not bacon! Thanks for the idea.
    Elizabeth- My Neon Running Shoes recently posted..Slaughter luck and delicious pizza

  15. Charlie (The Runner Beans)
    January 29, 2013

    you could make it into sort of an ‘egg fried rice’ style with soy sauce, peas, bok choi, sweet chilli sauce. I think the quinoa would work great in place of the rice!

  16. Sara @ fitcupcaker
    January 29, 2013

    Anything with bacon is good! And I love quinoa so it sounds like a great combo!
    Sara @ fitcupcaker recently posted..Energizing PB Date Balls

  17. Megan
    January 29, 2013

    looks yummy! I would just make the eggs over easy and then let the yolk run all over the quina mix.. yum!

  18. Natalie @ Free Range Human
    January 29, 2013

    I did something similar last week with a quinoa/wild rice combo. It was really good, but it does definitely need some kind of sauce.
    Natalie @ Free Range Human recently posted..Hey Girl

  19. Katherine
    January 29, 2013

    This kinda reminds me of fried rice but with quinoa, so how about some soy sauce and sesame oil?
    Katherine recently posted..Healthy pumpkin chili

  20. Lauren @ Eat Like An Elephant
    January 29, 2013

    Looks good to me!
    Lauren @ Eat Like An Elephant recently posted..The Healthy Protein Smoothie

  21. Lindsey d.
    January 29, 2013

    Several suggestions — 1) try cous cous; I find it has more flavor than quinoa to start. 2) Season with some curry powder or add some garlic for a stronger flavor (not both, though). 3) Fry your eggs at the end and serve them on top; a runny egg goes a long way toward the sauce you were looking for.

    Cous Cous or quinoa with veggies and a fried egg is one of my FAVORITE easy pantry/fridge meals.

  22. Christa
    January 29, 2013

    Last night I made balsamic apricot chicken from Recipe Girl…Wes and I both said that the sauce tasted like it had a kind of Chinese sweet and sour vibe to it. That might be great to tie your ingredients together! And it’s good too!! Wes was scraping the pan clean before he even set his plate on the table.

  23. Maureen
    January 29, 2013

    Yum! I’m just starting to cook with quinoa and this sounds like a great recipe to work with! πŸ™‚
    Maureen recently posted..Thankful

  24. Emily N
    January 29, 2013

    Nope. πŸ™‚
    Maybe some kind of asian-esque sauce? make it kind of like fried rice?
    Emily N recently posted..A Few Details, and Some Workouts

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