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Monday Eats

by Meghann on January 21, 2013

Looks like it’s going to be another week of snack plate lunches. I love the random creations – no two plates are ever the same!


Today’s plate was almond-butter themed.

Toast with almond butter and pumpkin butter


Carrot sticks and apple slices with a big glob of almond butter


And a random leftover buffalo chicken tender.


It caught my attention when I was digging in the fridge. It didn’t really go with the theme of the plate, but it was still tasty. ;)


Popcorn was BOGO at Publix this week. I can never pass up a mini bag of kettle corn, especially with some peanuts thrown on top.


Dinner tonight was a Publix Apron’s meal: Hearty Meatball Soup with Spinach.


I liked the recipe because it was easy and I didn’t have to buy any special ingredients to make it at home. All I needed was meat, veggies, and broth. After that I was good to go.


Unfortunately I discovered mini meatballs are not my forte.


Eh. Oh well. At least they don’t have to look good to taste good.


30 minutes later…


Dinner time!


With some shredded cheddar on top.


The soup was fantastic. I loved the mini meatballs (or at least my attempt at the mini meatballs) as well as the extra splash of veggies. It was a great bowl of comfort soup.


Somehow I talked Derek into watching New Year’s Eve – love that movie. Maybe tomorrow I can talk him into watching Valentine’s Day? ;)

Good Night!

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