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Wedding: What We Wore

by Meghann on January 18, 2013

Hello, friends!

I know, I owe you guys recap posts from the wedding day and, trust me, I’m working on them. I’m waiting on the official photos from our photographer to post the recaps in detail. I’m hoping to get them in the next couple of weeks (:(), but until then I plan on continuing to blog about the little details and events on this page (the big recaps will go on the main page). I hope that’s okay!

Since I’ve had some questions on the specifics of our bridal party’s outfits for the big day, I thought I’d start there. Here we go!


First of all, all the looks came together better than I could have ever imagined. The whole time we were taking photos I looked at everyone and thought “Damn, we look good.” Everyone looked comfortable, relaxed, happy, and carefree – exactly how I wanted them to look and feel!




(photo credit: Jessica Wuller)

I won bonus points from my girls for how comfortable they were through the night. The dress was airy and light and the cowboy boots meant they could dance all night long without killing their feet.

I had to laugh when my sister posted this as her Facebook status a couple of days later.

Screen shot 2013-01-18 at 11.22.54 AM.png

I guess she appreciated not having to wear heels (she hate heels, just like I do). ;)

The cardigans were cute for photos, but the warm weather thankfully deemed them unnecessary after the ceremony was over. As soon as the party started up most of the girls shed their cardigans, which were fine by me. The dresses were just as cute without them.


(photo credit: Ashley)

I had no requirements for hair, but somehow all the girls ended up with similar side swept updos. I thought they looked adorable and their hair complemented the outfits beautifully.

The Bride



If you go back and look at my original post about the veil you’ll see it’s a little different. We ended up shortening the veil to work with my hair and the dress a little more. We had every intention of dying the veil a shade darker to match my dress, but our test swatches didn’t work the way we needed them to so we just gave up. In the end my veil didn’t match my dress exactly, but I really don’t care. It’s not a big enough difference in photos to bother me and I would rather have worn a piece of my mother’s veil that didn’t match than a new one that did. Veil matching dress = low on the priority list.


The dress! I LOVED my dress! It was easy to move in and I had no problem eating comfortably (my sister’s dress was so tight that she couldn’t eat a bite without feeling incredibly uncomfortable on her wedding day). There was a minor incident where I bought a girdle that ended up not working with the dress and needing to be cut out of it (more of that story HERE), but that was it.

When I was dress hunting I wanted something that was budget friendly (less than $1000), lacy, and a sweetheart neckline. I tried my dress on at the store and it was perfect. Even better was the fact I could pay for the dress and alterations and still come in under budget. (more on the dress shopping experience in THIS post).

IMG_0082.jpg IMG_0084.jpg

I wore the gold heels for bridal party photos and the ceremony, but as soon as they introduced us as the new “Mr. and Mrs.” I was ready to take them off. I changed into my boots for the reception and it was the BEST idea I had in all of my wedding planning. I agree with what my sister said above, cowboy boots really are the best bridal party shoes ever!


(haha – love my face!)

Flower Girl



(photo credit: Michael Stinson)

The sign! You may recall that we wanted our flower girl to carry something a little unique down the aisle. I found some inspiration on Pinterest and asked my grandmother if she wouldn’t mind making a sign since she loved making the cake topper for my sister’s wedding so much. She got to work and created the cutest heart shaped sign that read “Uncle Bubba, Here comes your girl!” (Marley calls Derek “Bubba”)

Then Fido ate it. Grrr..

Luckily she had enough materials for another sign and it was just as perfect.


Sign #2 made it to the big day! Success!

However, since she was a “flower girl” we wanted to keep the “flower” part in there. My aunt suggested a baby’s breath halo for her to wear, which was easy to make. It didn’t last all the way down the aisle (she tossed it off before she made it to Derek), but it was good for a few photo opps.


(photo credit: Michael Stinson)

Groom/ Groomsmen



(photo credit: Ashley)

You can read all about the suits HERE. The guys were comfortable all night and the suits looked great. We requested all the guys wear brown shoes and gave them a pair of socks and the striped tie as their gift.

The socks? Florida State, of course. (from


Kind of bummed we never got a photo of all the guys lifting their pants up to show off the socks. Oh well.

So I think that’s it!

Oh! One more thing! My rehearsal dress.


Adrianna Papell Lace Overlay Sheath Dress from Nordstrom! I can’t wait to wear it again!

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