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Wedding: DIY Cookie Favor Bags

by Meghann on December 11, 2012

It all started with a photo.


(© Leo Djiwatampu 2011)

I have a friend who is a very talented baker and food stylist. She created the dessert table pictured above for a friend’s wedding sometime last year and I began drooling over the set up as soon she uploaded it to Facebook. The food looked amazing and the styling was perfect. It was after I saw that photo (before Derek even proposed) that I knew I wanted to have a dessert bar at my own wedding one day.

My original plan was to treat the dessert bar like the candy bars that are so popular at weddings now a days. We would have a set up similar to the one pictured above and guests could fill their to-go boxes with what ever treats they wanted to bring home.

Then as time went on, our plan was fine tuned. We’re keeping the concept of the dessert bar (filled with desserts from both of our families), but are counting on our guests to enjoy the majority of the desserts at the reception… with the exception of the cookies.


(© Leo Djiwatampu 2011)

The new plan is a cookie favor bar. The cookies will be on a separate table with a note encouraging guests to take one home. We’ve already ordered 175 giant cookies from a local baker (Sunrise Bakery) for the favors. I’ve also started collecting baskets to display the cookies as they are featured above and below(I’m pretty obsessed with the cookies-in-a-basket concept ;) ).


(© Leo Djiwatampu 2011)

Now for our favor bags, I had this vision for kraft cookie bags similar to what you see at the bakery section at Whole Foods. I thought it would be easy to find brown ones at a local craft store and add our own snowflake stamps to personalize it a bit, but I was wrong. We found plenty of plastic favor bags, but nothing resembling the kraft brown paper look I was picturing in my head.

I had a little success on Etsy, but everything seemed a bit pricy. I hit the motherload when I Googled “kraft cookie bags” and found a bunch of restaurant supply sites selling them in bulk. The good news was I could order 1000 favor bags for $20, the bad news was I would then have 800 favor bags left when all was said and done. When it came down to it, I could not pass up the bulk price, so I ordered a case of the cookie bags from and figured I could sell the excess later (p.s. if anyone needs some brown kraft cookie bags – I’m your girl!).


The bags were delivered last week and I used some coupons at JoAnns to purchase a “Thank You” stamp, snowflake stamp, and some ink to personalize the bags with.


Stamping the bags was the easy/fun part. I brought the supplies to my future in-laws on Friday and we traded off stamping roles in our mini-stamping assembly line.


I did the “Thank You” stamp with black ink in the center of the bag.


Then Derek and his dad took turns doing the snowflakes in silver in the corners.


The final product


The whole process took us about 30 minutes tops to complete.

We also stamped some kraft bags for our out of town bags, but I think they need something else before they’re complete. :)

Another DIY task has been completed! Woo hoo!

Did you do custom favor bags?

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