Wednesday, December 5, 2012


by Meghann on December 5, 2012

Derek and I broke out one of our wedding gifts for dinner tonight – the cast iron skillet!


THANK YOU Diana! 😉

This is my first cast iron skillet and I’m excited to start cooking with it! Any awesome recipes out there? I grew up with my dad making extra crispy fried chicken in the skillet, but I’m sure there are healthier options too.

I kept it simple for my first night out with the cast iron skillet and made pork chops.


I got the pan nice and hot, then added the lightly seasoned pork chop to it. The sizzle was instant and gave the pork chops a nice crust. I cooked the chops for 10 minutes per side, then added some Strawberry Fig Preserves to mine in the last 5 minutes. (Derek wasn’t sure he would like it so I opted to leave it off his just in case it was a no-go)


The strawberry fig preserves were a nice sweet touch. The preserves were more figgy than strawberry and had a nice rich flavor to them – a little bit would have gone a long way! The pork chop was also kept juicy and tender. I was a fan.



On the side we made rutabaga fries with ketchup.


And green beans


Earlier I made some trail mix with mixed nuts and cinnamon cheerios.


And I had two chocolate covered strawberries for dessert (I’ll fill in more details on those tomorrow 😉 )


I’m double checking that my phone is ON tonight so I don’t miss my alarm.

I’m also calling it an early night.

Good Night!


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