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Miami 70.3: The Recovery

by Meghann on October 29, 2012

THANK YOU for all of the congratulation and words of encouragement. Miami 70.3 was definitely an experience I’ll never forget and I’m still flying high on the post-race high.

Here’s a little info on how the recovery’s going (both physically and mentally ;) )

1. Chafing: The back of my neck chafed during the swim at the top of my tri suit. I could feel it during the last third of the race and was kicking myself for not using body glide. I think the fact that I wasn’t wearing a wetsuit had me believing I didn’t need to lube up, oh how wrong I was. Lesson learned. I also chafed under my arm, which is pretty typical for me.

half ironman hickey.jpg

(Couldn’t get a photo of the back of my neck, but you can see the chafe mark peaking on the side. I’m calling that my half-ironman hickey ;) )

2. Soreness: Right now I think my butt hates me more than anything else. I need a new bike seat, and I need it now. Besides that my legs aren’t terrible. My quads and hamstrings are tight, but I’m thankfully not sporting that lovely post-marathon hobble I was predicting yesterday. My shoulders could definitely use a good rub, they definitely weren’t a fan of being in that position on the bike for so long.


Maybe the post-race stretch with Ashley was the key here? ;)

3. Thirst: I woke up this morning and my mouth felt like sandpaper, it was so dry. My lips are also very dry and chapped. I’m not sure if it was all the salt water I drank during the swim yesterday or the fact I didn’t drink enough water post- finish, but I can’t seem to get enough to drink today. I’ve been drinking water by the gallon and still can’t quench my thirst.


4. Sun: I’m sporting some sexy triathlete tan lines today. I applied (and reapplied) sunscreen yesterday, but it still wasn’t enough. Luckily it’s all “tan” and not burnt. I can’t imagine how red I would be right now without the sunscreen I did apply. (p.s. a big thanks to Amber for reminding me to put it on before the race!)


(Ben did not wear sunscreen)

5. Post-race high: I knew this would happen, I finish a race and all of a sudden the “what if’s” come out and I start believing I can do anything (this post-race feeling is why I sign up for these races in the first place). Calm down, Meghann. Let’s let this race sink in and get through that wedding first. mmmkay?

6. Family: Derek and I had a good conversation on the way home last night about family and how thankful we are for each of ours. He reminded me to never under-appreciate how lucky I am to have the family I do and I reminded him that it’s not just my family anymore, it’s our family. :) I know how lucky I am and I never take that luckiness for granted for a second. I have amazing siblings who are not only willing to sign up for crazy races with me, but are willing to train and cheer each other on along the way.


After the race yesterday, Kelly and I were waiting in line for food at the Athlete’s Lounge discussing the race (going over our favorite parts and complimenting each other for the great things we saw each other accomplish on the course), when the guy ahead of us turned around and made a joke about how the two of us were really good at pumping each other up and how he wish he had a buddy in line with him doing the same thing. We laughed and told him we were sisters and that’s what we’re there for. ;)

It’s not just my siblings I’m thankful for either, it’s their other halves who I love and appreciate as if we were related by blood. During the race I gave big high-fives to my brother-in-law and sister-in-law on the course, who were there cheering since 7:00am with huge smiles on their faces. I also can’t forget my Dad who was there hooting and hollering louder and prouder than anyone in the stands and Derek, who I love more than anything. He’s my rock and he’s the one who never doubts my dreams or goals, no matter how big they are.

7. Sleep: I slept in until 9:00 this morning – it. was. glorious.

8. Hunger: Surprisingly my appetite hasn’t been too out of control. I had pancakes last night, then made the trip to Dunkin Donuts this morning to pick up something I promised myself before the race even started – a pumpkin donut.


A-MA-ZING. Totally hit the spot. Yum and Yum.

I rounded out my breakfast with some scrambled eggs (with spinach and cheese) and a pear.


9. Thankfulness: I’m thankful for my family,my friends, my body, my strong will, and all of you guys. There’s nothing like a long day of racing (where you have all the time in the world to just think) to remind you how lucky you have it. I can say thank you times a million and I’m not sure it would ever be enough. :)

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