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Friday Fun: Where are they now?

by Meghann on October 26, 2012

Happy Friday!

I thought I would have a little Friday fun, by doing a “Where are they now” for a few of my favorite shows. Feel free to add your own theories on what happened, or another show you want to fill in.

Friends (1993 – 2004)


Where they left off: Monica and Chandler had just adopted twins and were moving out of the city. Rachel gave up a job opportunity in Paris to stay in New York with Ross. Pheobe and Mike decided to start trying for a baby. Joey stayed Joey (in this scenario I’m going to pretend that whole “Joey” show never happened. mmmkay)


Where are they now: Almost 10 years have passed since all of the Friends said good bye to Monica and Chandler’s famous apartment. Since then Monica and Chandler have been enjoying life outside the city. The twins are thriving at private school and Monica finally found her passion as a PTA-obssesed stay-at-home mom who caters casually on the side. Chandler found his calling in advertising and has a knack for campaign one-liners. He’s also thriving in the world of social media and writes a mildly successful blog about life in the suburbs. Rachel and Ross decided to elope in 2006 after two attempts of wedding planning went awry. They still live in the city with Emma and recently attended Ben’s high school graduation ceremony. Pheobe and Mike are traveling the world after deciding to visit the birth countries of their adopted daughters, Regina and Phalange, and brought along their other children, Drake, Sunshine, and Mike Jr, for the adventure. Joey found love on the set of Days of Our Lives and is patiently awaiting the birth of his baby girl this December.

Gilmore Girls (2000 – 2007)


Where they left off: After graduating from Yale, Rory accepted a position with an online magazine who invited her to travel with other journalists covering Barack Obama’s presidential campaign and his bid for the Democratic Party nomination. Lorelai stayed in Stars Hollow, where it’s uncertain what the future held for her and Luke.


Where are they now: Thanks to her must-read coverage of President Obama’s successful campaign run, Rory made a name for herself in the online news world and found her niche accordingly. Today she’s a top contributor for Huffington Post and Mashable, and freelances occasionally for New York Times and The Post. She lives in NYC and is currently single. Lorelai and Luke worked things out and had a small, quiet wedding in 2010 after Lorelai discovered she was pregnant. They are currently living happily ever after in Stars Hollow.

Felicity (1998 – 2003)


Where they left off: If we pretend those *bonus* episodes never happened… Felicity just moved back to Palo Alto for medical school and Ben followed her.


Where are they now: Ben re-proposed a year after the two of them moved back to Palo Alto. They planned a small, intimate ceremony a few months later and were able to match for their residency at a local hospital – Felicity pursued gynecology while Ben decided to become a general practitioner. Noel runs a successful graphic design company in New York City. He married one of his original hires a few years ago and they have two kids. Megan and Sean are still happily married and live in the suburbs of NYC where they’re raising their 4 kids.

What do you think? Is that what you pictured? What are some other “where are they now” scenarios you have?

Today’s lunch!


Black olive, cheddar cheese, over-medium eggs, and mashed avocado on toast.


Who needs butter when you have avocado? YUM!

Happy Friday!

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