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Diet Cliches

by Meghann on October 25, 2012

Good Morning!

Maddie and I put our running shoes on this morning for a quick 5K around the block. My little speed demon kept a 9:15ish pace and still managed to finish looking like she was ready for more. Her energy is ENDLESS. :)

Breakfast was a big bowl of pumpkin yogurt, apple, and walnuts.


The pumpkin yogurt was my own creation, I’m sad Stonyfield doesn’t make their seasonable blend anymore. :(

The yogurt was simple, just a quick mix of plain greek yogurt, canned pumpkin, pumpkin spice, and a little bit of honey (it needs some sort of sweetness in my opinion). Topped with a giant chopped apple and a generous handful of walnuts.


So good.

On my mind

Last week someone told me something that’s been bugging me. It’s not that I haven’t heard it before (I usually brush it off), but I thought it would be a topic worth discussing on the blog.

“Once I stopped eating sugar, I never wanted it again. I don’t even miss it.”

The person was trying to sell me on a diet I had no intention of taking part in and thought wrapping up the sales speech with this little zinger would seal the deal. Ha. I politely nodded my head in agreement and walked away.

The truth is I know that sugar is an addiction and once you start cutting back the cravings do die down. But taking sugar out of your life completely? Never enjoying an ice cream cone on a hot summer day? Never having a piece of birthday cake? Never indulging in your favorite dessert at a fancy restaurant on a special occasion? I would miss it.

I think instead of drawing a hard line of taking sugar out (which would never work in the long run – ice cream is way too good for that to happen ;) ) we should instead focus on moderation from the beginning. That’s something I’m working at the moment (I was going a little sugar-dessert crazy there for a hot minute) by replacing nightly bowls of ice cream with squares of dark chocolate or cups of hot tea. So far, so good.

This could also dive into another little saying out there I’m not a fan of:

“Nothing tastes as good as being thin feels.”

I’m not even sure where to begin with this one. ..1) being thin does NOT equal happiness. 2) there are some pretty awesome meals and desserts out there I would happily hand over my skinny jeans for. 3) if the only way to get “thin” was being miserable, then no thanks 4) the goal should be healthy, not thin.

Whenever I hear that saying I automatically start craving a really good cheeseburger, I think it’s my stubborn side’s way to prove it wrong.

What are some diet cliches that drive you crazy?

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