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Apple Pie Pancakes

by Meghann on October 21, 2012

There’s a place in San Diego called Richard Walker’s that’s famous for their pancakes.


Scratch that. They’re not just famous for their pancakes, they’re famous for their apple pancake.


This thing is probably the best “pancake” I’ve ever had in my life. Only I hesitate to actually call it a pancake since it’s more like apple pie than pancake. It’s light and fluffy, yet rich and delicious and full of warm cinnamon gooey goodness.

My brother posted a photo of his girlfriend eating this famous pancake on Facebook about year ago and I immediately recognized it.


He joked how I was able to recognize a dish just from a vague photo and I did him one better by not only telling him where the pancakes were from, but sent him a link to the blog post where I had dined on the exact pancake.  

What can I say? It was a memorable pancake.

Anyway, my parents made the trip out west to visit my brother last weekend and he took them to the famous pancake place during a day trip to San Diego. My dad fell in love with the pancake, and true to my dad’s desire to replicate every amazing dish he’s ever had, he insisted on recreating the pancake as soon as he got back home.

He wasn’t kidding, not only did he attempt recreating it a week later, but I’d say he just about it nailed it.


How awesome does that look? And that’s all him, he didn’t even look up the apple pancake recipe, he just came up with the process on his own. I love my dad.

So, how did he do it?

He started with a small frying pan of melted butter, brown sugar, and peeled apple slices


Then he added the waffle batter (his tried-and-true waffle recipe from the Better Homes and Garden cookbook with whipped egg whites <- the secret to fluffy waffles!)

IMG_2402.JPG IMG_2403.JPG

And placed it in the oven at 375 for 5 minutes


Once the pancake was done, he flipped it over on a plate.


Apple pie pancake yumminess. :)

This was good. REALLY good. If you’re looking to impress family with amazing pancakes, this is your ticket. Heck, I think this pancake would make some dessert too. A little vanilla ice cream, a sprinkle of powdered sugar, and your golden.


The whole pancake was a little too rich for me, so I split my pancake with my sister-in-law and balanced the sweetness with some savory sausage gravy and half a biscuit.


Oh, man. That was a killer breakfast. Not healthy in the least, but it sure tasted good.

Can I have another plate right now? Please? ;)

Have you ever tried recreating your favorite restaurant dish at home? Were you successful?

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