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Slow Ride

by Meghann on October 20, 2012

FYI: Wanderlust was hilarious!


Like I said, Paul Rudd and Jennifer Aniston? How can you go wrong?

Also, loved seeing Lauren Ambrose in a role that was a little more crunchy than I’m used to seeing her play.

Screen shot 2012-10-20 at 10.55.40 AM.png

I almost didn’t recognize her (she looked fabulous by the way) but once I looked the cast up on IMDB (what? not everyone checks out IMDB as soon as their done watching a movie?) it instantly clicked where I knew her from.

Six Feet Under, anyone?


And, my personal favorite, Can’t Hardly Wait.


This was one of the first *real* teen movies I remember seeing in the theater when I was 13. Awww…. memories. I wonder if it’s on Netflix?

So, yeah, the movie was hilarious and Derek and I were both peacefully asleep by 11 (party animals!).

This morning I set my alarm early for a planned bike ride, but ended up pressing snooze more times than necessary before I dragged myself out of bed.

I popped a frozen leftover pumpkin waffle in the toaster and slathered it with almond butter and pumpkin butter for some pre-ride fuel.


The ride wasn’t my best. I’m prone to runny noses while riding even when I’m not sick, so actually being sick made it about 10x worse. Luckily I pretty much had the trail to myself so I could let multiple snot rockets go and no one would be the wiser (you know, until I admit to it on my public blog).

I went out 15 miles and turned around to finish the 15 back. The miles were slow, but I wasn’t up for pushing myself, my main goal was just to get some time in the saddle and be done with it.


After my ride I headed home and toasted another pumpkin waffle for breakfast with two scrambled eggs and a pear.


Totally hit the spot. :)

Now I’m ready just to relax and enjoy the weekend. I hope you’re doing the same!

What were the big “teen” movies when you were a teenager? Can’t Hardly Wait, She’s All That, and Bring It On were probably the three that stand out the most in my mind.

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