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Doggie Steps

by Meghann on October 17, 2012

Blah. I didn’t want to admit it, but I think I’m getting sick. I can’t breathe out of my nose, my head is pounding, and my throat is on fire. All I want to do is drink ice cold beverages and coat my lips with obscene amounts of chapstick to stop them from feeling so dry.

Who am I kidding. There’s no “thinking” about it – I’m sick.

We’re supposed to have a flip turn clinic at practice swim tonight, but I think I might have to bail in favor of resting. I’m pretty sure I may have pushed it a little too hard in my workout this morning, I’ve gone from just feeling a little sick, to feeling like total crap in a matter of hours. Yuck.

I think it’s time to re-stock up on the Vitamin C and Airborne, it’s officially cold season. :(

Even though I wasn’t terribly hungry, I reheated some of last night’s leftovers for lunch.


And paired it with some cool slices of cucumber.


I wish the whole meal had been cucumbers. They were so cool and refreshing, definitely made my throat feel a little better.

Doggie Stairs

I think our new bed may be a little too high for Maddie’s liking.


(side note: The old comforter is just temporary. We’re in the process of finding a comforter we both like that actually fits the bed. ;) )

Yesterday morning Maddie scared the crap out of me when she jumped off of the new bed and landed with a loud “thud” on the tile floor. (another note: we also plan to get a new rug too) For a minute there, I was afraid she broke her leg since she was just standing there in shock trying to figure out what just happened herself. I rushed over and all her limbs seemed to be in working order, but she definitely looked like she never wanted to repeat that experience again.

Since then Maddie hasn’t even attempted jumping off the bed (nor would I think about even letting her do it at this point). It’s way too high for her and even if she doesn’t break her leg now, I’m sure it would only lead to joint issues in the future.

So Derek and I have started researching doggie stairs for Maddie. (Yes, we’re turning into those dog owners – ain’t no shame.).

pet steps.jpg

image via Amazon

Does anyone have stairs for their dogs? Any brand you would recommend? Does your dog actually use them?

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