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Heavy Squatting

by Meghann on October 15, 2012

Good morning!

Can you believe another weekend has come and gone? Who’s ready to start a brand new week? ;)

I kicked my Monday off this morning with a little CrossFit session.


Umm… yeah. I had to have this one explained to me, too.

Warm-up: 200 m run, 100 m shuffle (switch 1/2way), 100m high knees/ butt kicks – alt every 25m, world’s greatest stretch.

I think the warm-up was pretty self explanatory. One loop of the parking lot of my CrossFit box is 400 M (it’s even labeled every 100m to let people know where to switch off). We got about halfway around then started a side shuffle and switched about 50 m in. For the last 100 we alternated high knees and butt kicks. After the run, Coach Paula stretched us out and prepped us for the WOD.

Skill/Focus: Front Squat 1×8, 1×5

I was introduced to this lovely piece of equipment


And attempted my first front squats.



Our group was small today (only 6 people), which I LOVED because it meant a lot of one-on-one attention with the coach. I was partnered up with a veteran CrossFitter who introduced me to the front squat and we started with the 30lb bar as a base to gauge where we should build up to.

I did my first set of 8 and really just concentrated on form over strength. My coach claimed I was a natural – ha! – after that and began to push my limits. So much for the newbie taking it easy, right?

WOD: Front Squat 50% of possible 1 rm x5, 75% x 3, 85% x 1, 90-95% x 1, Test 1 rm

This is the part where things always get interesting.

First off, 1rm = one-rep max or your weight limit for one rep. Since I had no idea what my 1 rm was, we were guessing from the get-go. I was all set to start with 40 lbs for the 1×5 @ 50% (1 set of 5 reps at 50% of your max) when coach Paula came over and took the 5lbs off I had added to each side and replaced them with 10lbs. This became a pattern for the rest of the class. I added my definition of a little weight, then she would correct it with hers. Honestly, I was thankful she was there to push me outside my limits. I’m always unsure how much weight to add when lifting and she showed me I’m stronger than I think I am. It was basically add what you *think* then go 5lbs higher because that’s actually what you CAN do.

I slowly built myself up and ended up maxing out at 80 lbs. for my final 1 rm. The girl next to me told me she started out with 65 lb 1 rm and today set a new PR at 105lbs 1 rm. That’s some powerful inspiration!

Teams of 3: run as many meters as possible in 12 mins, switching every 400m.

We finished our class with a relay run in groups of 3. We each traded off running 400 m as fast as we could to see how many rounds we could get in as a team in 12 minutes. I kept a solid pace – hitting 1:22 on the nose for both of my 400s.


My group finished with 2800 m in 12 minutes. Yay team!

I drove home chugging water and feeling good about my morning accomplishments.

Breakfast was a big bowl of protein oats.



  • 1/2 cup oats
  • 1/2 cup water
  • 1/2 cup milk
  • raisins
  • cinnamon
  • 1 scoop vanilla protein powder
  • chia seeds

on top:

  • peanut butter
  • apple
  • more cinnamon


Fueled up and ready to start the day!

Psstt… check out Anne’s photo sneak peek from her wedding. GORGEOUS photos! But would you really expect anything less from a gorgeous bride and groom? Nope. Not at all.

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