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Bacon and Eggs

by Meghann on October 12, 2012

Derek made breakfast this morning. :)

I was heading into the shower when he mentioned something about bacon and asked if I wanted a piece too. Sure! I’m always down for bacon. Then when I was all squeaky clean I came out to discover that not only was there bacon, he had made a big pan of scrambled eggs too. There’s nothing better than having breakfast already prepared after a shower. (especially when it’s prepared by a sexy man!)


I filled my plate up with eggs, bacon, and the last peach that I heated up with some cinnamon. An awesome, filling breakfast – thanks, babe!

It was also a well deserved breakfast after the shoulder workout Felipe put us through this morning.


He mentioned this morning that our whole team needs to work on our shoulder strength so he’s been putting us through the ringer with paddle drills, butterflies, and an entire practice with full pull kits. I started with the big paddles and did 8 x 100s w/ 15 secs rest, then I moved to the smaller paddles for an addition 5x100s. I could really feel it by the end.

And just when I thought we were done… he told us to do 5x50s as hard as we could. He wanted negative splits, I wanted to flick him off. (Don’t worry – I resisted the urge.)

The 50s were hard, but I kept to his instructions and kept pushing. I didn’t have negative splits, but I did stay consistent, which was just as challenging in my book. ;)

Now I need to get to some last minute packing before my flight (I need to be out the door in an hour – yikes!)

Before I go, I need your help – which dress should I wear to the wedding?

20121012_091612.jpg 20121012_091558.jpg 20121012_091547.jpg

A, B, or C?

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