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Friday Morning

by Meghann on October 5, 2012

Happy Friday!!

{insert favorite Friday themed song here}

Safe travels to all the ROCKSTAR runners who are heading to Chicago for the marathon today! Totes jealous! If I were to ever repeat an out-of-state marathon, I think I would run that one again. It’s still one of my favorite marathons to date (see my recap here). You guys are in for a real treat!


Mary asked me before she left what my favorite part of the race was and I told her it was right when you turn into Chinatown. It’s a sharp right – so you’re not expecting it – but right after you turn it’s a rush of excitement as the crowds take you in. When I ran the race, that turn came right when I needed it. :)

If you’ve run the Chicago Marathon before, what was your favorite part of the race?

It was packed at the pool when we arrived this morning. We’ve had relatively empty morning sessions lately, so the full pool was a surprise. I think it was a high school swim team trying to squeeze in an extra early practice. The 5 of us started out in the same lane (circle swimming! yay!…. not). I’m cool with circle swimming with swimmers who are roughly the same speed as me, but I’m nervous with swimmers who are faster than I am (like the majority of my teammates are – I’m the slow poke of the group!). I feel bad that I’m in their way or slowing their laps down somehow. Do any other swimmers feel this way?

Luckily the circle swimming didn’t last long. The high school group left and eventually we had almost the whole pool to ourselves. We did a few sets of progressive 50s and really just had an easy morning. I think we did a total of 1800 meters?

Don’t forget to ask your swim related questions over at *THIS* post for an upcoming “Swimming 101″ series I’m working on!

Post-swim breakfast:


Two scrambled eggs with feta and spinach





Let’s get this Friday started!

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