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Breaking from the routine

by Meghann on October 4, 2012

Good Morning!

Don’t worry – Friday is almost here. ;)

I kicked things into gear this morning with a 6 mile run around the block. It was just a normal run – no speed kicks or funny business – but it was a tiny victory in the distance category. Lately I’ve fallen into a lazy routine with my running by only trading off between 4 and 5 milers during the week (with one additional long run over the weekend). I’m trying to break that routine by upping my weekday miles just a tad then eventually adding in some speed work.

I’ve really, really fallen behind in the speed work department. Back in May I ran my fastest marathon to date, finishing 26.2 miles in 3:56:56 (or roughly a 9:04 min/mi pace) by working my tail off. After that race I sort of fell off the speed wagon. I could blame a bunch of things – and, trust me, I have – but what it all boils down to is a lack of commitment and determination to stick with it. Even a half ironman looming in the not-so-distant future couldn’t pull me out of this slump.

Hopefully with the cooler weather making its way to town, I’ll eventually get my motivation back (this happens every year! – summer blows down here for running). Team XP has been amazing with motivating me to swim every week (seriously, without them I’m not sure where my swimming would be!) and the plan is to pick up track speedwork practices with team XP starting Tuesdays this November.

Speedwork isn’t just about becoming a faster runner, it’s also about becoming stronger and better overall. It shocks your body out of its normal routine and reminds your muscles to work in ways they forgot they could. Are you a runner who’s trying to get in better shape? Instead of adding distance, try adding speedwork to your normal routine. Push yourself out of your comfort zone – that’s when you tend to get the results you’re looking for.

I need to start mixing it up and I think I’m ready for it. :)



Two toasted leftover pumpkin waffles with almond butter, strawberry preserves, raisins, and flaxseed.


I have some plans brewing in my head. Stay tuned!

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