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Garmin Forerunner 10 {Giveaway}

by Meghann on October 2, 2012

In case you missed it… here’s a link to the original Garmin Forerunner 10 review I did last month.


Since my initial Garmin Forerunner 10 review, I’ve sort of become obsessed with this watch. Yes, it’s about as basic as GPS-enabled watches come, but I think that’s what I like about it. It’s so easy to use – I only have to press a button and I can run. Heck, it’s even been impressing me with how quickly it’s been picking up signal lately. Yesterday it only took the watch 30 seconds to find signal, I’d say that’s a win.


So far I haven’t missed any of the bells and whistles from my previous watches. I’ve also realized I never really used those bells and whistles anyway. I’ve had the watch for over a month now and have yet to catch myself saying that “I wish this watch did XYZ like the Garmin 305 or Motoactv did.” The Forerunner 10 provides splits, pace, time, and distance – what else do I really need?


I’m also a big fan of the sleekness of the Forerunner 10. It’s so tiny that I forget it’s there when I’m running. The bulkiness of the other Forerunner watches in the series never really bothered me, but now that I’ve gotten used to the compact-ness of the 10, it would be hard to go back. I can wear the 10 like a normal watch and no one would think twice about it.


Really, the only major issue I’ve had with the Forerunner 10 is the fact that it resets itself after being paused for 45 seconds. Generally it’s okay if you just keep pressing the down button or something so it knows you’re still there, but I was messing with my phone at a water fountain during a long run and forgot I was paused – after 45 seconds my current run reset itself and I had to start my stats from the beginning (which wasn’t that big of a deal – I just had to mentally add 3.3 miles to my distance through the rest of my run).

So there you have it. The Garmin Forerunner 10 ROCKS! Don’t believe me? How would you like to try it out for yourself?

forerunner-10-group (1).jpg

I have one pink or green Garmin Forerunner 10 to giveaway to one lucky Meals and Miles reader thanks to the folks at Garmin. Trust me, this is a giveaway you want to win!

Each person has his/her own story and reason why they run, though the common is that every mile matters no matter how fast or how far. Whether running for health, to honor a family member, for competition, how it makes you feel etc… every mile matters.

Ready to win that Garmin Forerunner 10? Answer why “every mile matters” to YOU in the comments below.

I started running in 2008 as a way to lose weight, over the years I continued to run to keep in shape for my health, but it grew into something so much more than that – it became my passion, my therapy, my excuse to travel the world and make new friends. Every mile matters to me because each mile makes me happy.


You have until Thursday morning (10/4) at 8:00am to enter to win. This giveaway is open to U.S. residents ONLY. The winner will be randomly drawn Thursday morning and contacted via the email.

Good Luck!!!

{This contest has ended. CONGRATS to Em for winning the the Garmin Forerunner 10!!} 

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