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Once Upon a Time

by Meghann on September 27, 2012

I have a new show everyone needs to add to their Netflix queues ASAP:


Once Upon a Time. It’s fabulous.

You guy have actually been recommending Once Upon a Time for awhile, but I was hesitant about starting a show midseason. When a friend told me the first season was now available on Instant Play via Netflix, I jumped at the chance to start it.

Let’s just say I started watching the show Tuesday and I’m currently 8 episodes in. Yeah, it’s sort of addicting. I even found myself staying on the treadmill a little longer than intended this morning just so I could finish an entire episode (p.s. watching Netflix on my Samsun Galaxy S3 ROCKS!).


The plot is sort of brilliant and right up my ally. Basically the evil queen (yes, there’s an evil queen) cursed all the characters of the fairy tale realm and brought them to the “real world” where there are no more happy endings. Time stands still as the characters no longer age and have no recollection of their former lives. They’re all just sort of stuck and miserable living lives that weren’t meant for them.

Snow White and Prince Charming’s newborn daughter (yes, you read that right – Snow White and Prince Charming’s baby girl) was the only one saved from the curse when it was predicted she would return on the eve of her 28th birthday to save their world and break the curse. The show starts with the daughter’s (Emma’s) return and follows her as she shakes up the town and begins to set back right what was wronged (i.e. returning happy endings to everyone).

I love it. Each show runs parallel story lines of what happened in the fairy tale realm versus what’s happening in modern day. Each episode also fills in a little more of the puzzle as to why the curse came to be and the keys to breaking it.

If you’re a fan of fairy tale classics, I would highly recommend this series. Once Upon a Time offers an interesting twist on the stories we all grew up on.


Have you watched Once Upon a Time? What did you think?

I love a good show, I was actually excited to hop on the treadmill this morning, knowing I could finish the episode of Once Upon a Time that I started (and fell asleep to) last night. I had 30 minutes left, so I jogged for 30 minutes at a steep incline (4.0). Then I moved on to Wedding Workout B and felt good about the strength I’m gaining. I was able to increase my weights some, which is always a good sign I’m heading in the right direction. :)

Breakfast was simple: eggs, toast with jam, and cantaloupe.


The cantaloupe was a little bland, but the eggs and toast were good. :)

I can not tell you how happy I am that I was finally able to upgrade the RAM on my computer yesterday. It’s CRAZY how much faster it’s loading. I forgot that not all computers take 5 minutes to open new browsers or switch from one program to another – some computers do it instantly, imagine that. ;)

Have a great Thursday everyone!

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