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Has fall finally found its way to Florida?

by Meghann on September 24, 2012

I couldn’t believe it when I walked outside this morning and there was a nice cool breeze in the air. No record lows were being broken or anything, but I’ll take the 70 degree low over the 80 degree low any day of the week.

You can always tell it’s good running weather by how a runner prepares for a run in the morning. When it’s hot and humid or freezing outside, it’s all about the art of stalling. In those situations, a runner takes one’s time picking out the perfect running outfit, finding the perfect shoes, making sure enough water is consumed, hitting the bathroom more than once, etc. etc. When it’s nice out, it’s go-go-go. So the running shorts and top don’t match? So you grabbed the first pair of shoes in the closet? So you waited to finish tying your shoes until you were outside so you weren’t wasting any time while the GPS loaded? Who cares? There’s awesome running weather that needs to be taken advantage of before it passes! Go! Go! Go!

This morning was definitely a go-go-go morning. There was no stalling ( and, trust me, I’m the queen of stalling in the morning), just the priority of getting dressed and heading out the door before the good weather made way for the hot and sunny weather.

My run was worth the rush. The fall-like weather was amazing and perfect for knocking out my planned 5 miles. I hope the cooler morning weather is here to stay. Also, I wanted to note that my right knee felt fine for the entire run, it also felt great on my long bike ride yesterday. You guys had some great advice on what might be causing the pain in the water (ie. bad flip turns) that I plan to discuss with my coach this week. Here’s hoping we figure out what’s up!

Post-run breakfast


We have a HUGE bag of kale in the fridge, hence the crazy consumption of kale lately. Not that I mind, kale really is awesome. Especially with scrambled eggs. The trick is to cook the kale first with a little salt, then add the scrambled eggs to the pan once the kale is a dark green. Otherwise the kale is too chewy.


An apple on the side rounds out the plate.


How are the temps where you are? Feeling like fall yet?

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