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Eat, Bike, Eat

by Meghann on September 23, 2012

Good Morning! (Afternoon?)

I just got off of Facetime with my parents, where they proceeded to make fun of me for still being in my robe with wet hair at noon on a Sunday. Hey! Don’t let the robe fool ya – it doesn’t mean I haven’t been up since 6:30am doing that whole cycling thing. ;)

Yep, my morning started with a 6:30am alarm, followed by a quick pre-workout snack of a toasted leftover waffle with almond butter.


Then I hit the road and headed to my favorite trail for my planned brick workout.


The ride felt slow, painfully slow. Sometimes riding a bike is just plain boring, especially two hours of it. Yawn.


I went out 15, turned around, and came right back. 30 miles total. I’m happy with that.


When I got back to the car I called Derek to see what our plans were for breakfast. Originally we were planning on meeting his parents for breakfast, so I wanted to make sure I was good on time. I was hoping to squeeze a quick run in on the trail, but when he still hadn’t heard from his parents, I decided to just go ahead and drive home. Depending on time, I’d just run at home.


It was a great plan in theory, but what I didn’t take into consideration was how hungry I would become on the 20 minute drive home. All I could think about was all the delicious food waiting in the fridge and how my growling belly wanted to eat, not run. Must. Eat. Food.

When I walked in the door, Derek was cooking eggs in the kitchen. Hmm.. I guess our plans with his parents went out the window. Oh, well. I was ready to eat anyways. Sorry, run, I’ll get to you later.


I made a two egg omelet with leftover chicken salsa dip. Probably the best breakfast idea I’ve had in a while. A-MA-ZING.


With pear slices on the side.


Totally worth missing that run for this meal. Happy belly, happy mind. :)

It’s probably time now that I get dressed and do something about this wet hair.

Have a great Sunday!

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