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Wedding: Unplugged Weddings

by Meghann on September 18, 2012

Recently Brittany wrote a post on unplugged weddings on her blog and I thought I’d share my two cents over here. :)

If you’re unfamiliar with the term “unplugged weddings” it’s a rising trend in the wedding industry where the bride and groom politely ask their guests to refrain from using their phone or cameras during their wedding ceremony and reception. Essentially, the goal of an “unplugged wedding” is to remove guests from technology and allow them to simply enjoy the wedding without worrying about it. It’s also the bride and groom’s way of respectfully informing their guests not to post photos of them online.



I’ve never attended an unplugged wedding (Brittany did over the weekend, which is what sparked the post), but I can see why couples would want to have one. It allows their guests to relax, prevents unflattering photos from being posted online, theoretically the hired professional photographer would have an easier time doing their job and taking all of the photos they need, and it allows for a little privacy by keeping everything off public social media networks. I 100% respect any couple who would make this choice for their wedding because it’s their wedding and they have every right to do whatever they want. However, that’s not my style.

Personally, I welcome cameras at my wedding. I say, the more photos, the better! Here’s my open invitation to anyone attending my wedding to please take a million and one photos and to please post them all online as soon as possible. I know how fast weddings fly by and how easy it is to miss everything happening around you. Yes, Derek and I hired an amazing professional photographer for our big day, but she’s only one person (well two with her shooting partner) and she can’t be everywhere at once taking photos. There’s also a 4-6 week window before we would see any of those photos. I can’t imagine waiting that long without seeing a single photo of the big day, I think I would go crazy in anticipation.

The morning after my sister’s wedding, one of the first things she did after eating breakfast was flip through all the photos I took on my camera the night before. The reception had been such a blur that she never really saw any of the details before I handed her the camera. She had missed what the cake looked like in the light, how the guestbook area was set-up, or even the final touches with the table set-ups. Her face lit up looking at the photos and recalling all the memories from the night before.

So, no, we will not be having an unplugged wedding – we’ll be the complete opposite.

I’ve even been researching various “I Spy” checklists to encourage guests to take photos by turning it in game.

Source: via Meghann on Pinterest.


There are also several apps out there that couples can set-up in advance so guests can share photos immediately. I’m looking into Flicker accounts, a separate email address for photos, and even just good ole fashioned tagging on Facebook.

What are your thoughts on “Unplugged Weddings”? Have you been to one? Would you have one?

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